Wednesday, February 16, 2011


hmm i don't have much to say at this moment in time.

except for my stomach is killin me, and i didn't even touch the street tacos.

you should just go read this blog, okay? it's chelsea's missionary blog. she only has 3 followers. NOT. COOL. if you don't know chelsea, you should get to know her. read the letters she writes me for the next 18 months, ok?


p.s. i'm trying to follow the unspoken blog rule and post a picture for every post...even if it's completely random. that's my only explanation for the above photo. and doesn't it just make you crave doritos??


Amy said...

No, it makes me crave chubby babies!

Ging said...

I'm with Amy- I wouldn't probably eat those particular Doritos- but I would consider nibbling on the baby sitting in them. Weather up-date: Blizzard like conditions (as in the windows look like I sprayed Christmas snow around the edges) Urgh. Urgh.

Terri said...

Happy sunshine days Kenz. Every letter finds you more attracted to your Mexican life.

A.E. said...

dear kenz i love our bloggular relationship.