Friday, February 11, 2011

so glad He gave us memories

so glad I can be myself with my bestos

so glad she's my bestest friend

so glad i'm out of the one-piece jumpsuit phase

so glad my parents take us to explore new places

so glad she got married and is still my Lizzy

so glad she was my roommate, so glad she's going on a mission (yeah, that girl..heheh)

so glad she will do silly things with me

so glad families are forevah

so glad we have such beautiful temples

so glad church museums let you dress up like this

so glad they are ours

so glad i know how to pose now

so glad BYU-Idaho gives us long weekends so I can visit

so glad I went to that high school and so glad I graduated ;)

so glad he returned with honor

so glad I made the best friends of my life in a little town called Rexburg

so glad He gives us four seasons, especially autumn

so glad He gives us killer sunsets every day from our back window

so glad my dad is the kinda guy he is

so glad I have freckles (and cute friends...haha)

so glad we went to EFY that year

so glad I lived by the Oregon Coast for half of my life

so glad they both got haircuts (and glad we had the furball for so long)

so glad she has good balance

so glad we have no inhibitions

so glad mom took this picture

so glad He led me to Mexico

so glad such games exist

so glad (some) reality TV exists so we can laugh at it

so glad I possess exactly zero holey-armpit-T's (sorry Elise)

so glad I lived with these people for most of 2010

so glad they make me laugh this hard for no reason

so glad I am me and no one else

so tell me, friends, why are you glad?


Niki Purser said...

I'm so glad you wrote this post! You are so awesome and I love your insights and thoughts! :)

funsizetessa said...

MK, there is too much to say about this post. So i will just tell you I LOVE IT AND I LOVE YOU. And I'm happy because I have YOU!!! BFF! haha