Friday, February 24, 2012

sometimes I want to cry, but I do my homework instead.

man-oh-man I wish studying was still this fun.

Most people like Fridays. Fridays are free days; at 5pm you get to bust out of the doors singing a song about how much you love life. And that should mean something even if you are in college and taking 12 flippin' credits of English. Twelve. Credits. Of. English. Twelve. Doce. A dozen. As in, a dozen eggs, or six omelettes, which I wouldn't have time to make even if I wanted to. Ya dig?

Every time I tell someone I'm taking English 495 and English 450 at the same time, they give me this weird look like, "Did you just break out of the local women's correctional facility?" or "Have you been drinking eggnog shots lately?" or "You suck at telling jokes." And then I have to go, "Yeah...hahaha that was dumb. But seriously. I'm taking both of them."

For the record, I did not have a choice. I couldn't register for either one until this semester. Then there's the other two English classes I am in, which require a minimum of one paper a week. And then Spanish class, which I tried to make my "fun class" because it's the only one I don't have to write papers for. But then we had a test with ten essay questions. So never mind about that.

This is the first semester where I will not go home a single time because the weekends are strictly homework time. It's okay though, because as soon as April 6th rolls around, I will finally have a summer to myself, without daydreaming about doing summery things while being held hostage by the library. What a blessed thing it shall be!

A few random bits:
  • the letter-writing thing is going swell. That's what Sundays-after-church are for: baking bread and writing letters. If you want a letter from me, leave me a comment saying so.
  • I'm thinking about doing an FAQ page, but in order to do that I need questions. And in order to have questions all of you lurkers have to come out of hiding and actually ask me stuff. And that means...DUN-DUN-DUN...leaving a comment.
  • I just made chocolate-chip blondies with garbanzo beans in them. Because I really wanted to eat a lot of them without feeling guilty. Now I just feel like I shamed those chocolate chips. I guess I'm the kind of girl who likes her desserts to actually have butter, cream, eggs, etc in them. /end rant
  • This week has been the week of double-napping. That should describe the entire week for you.
  • I got a glorious package this week from Forever21 (my favorite store, btw). I forgot how awesome new clothes are.
  • Reconnecting with old friends is bombtastic.
Thus ends a very random post, mostly about homework and comments and garbanzo beans. Man I am weird.


JP Anderson said...

Here is me leaving a comment. I would like a letter from you. Good luck on thinking of what to write. I would like to say, some day in the future, that I own a letter from the famous author McFrenzy. I am a bit of a lurker but I would also like to add that I think I comment with the best of them on this here blog.

ps Don't send me any blondies with garbanzo beans. thanks.

Brit said...

There is such a thing as a weekend? I'm sitting in the library here this find Saturday after being at work from 7-12 AM...I feel ya. Good luck, happy that it's nearly done, for you.

Em said...

Question: How many roommates do you have? Are they tolerable creatures? How often do you have access to gas-powered vehicles? How many cardigans do you own? When was the last time someone cooked you something delicious? Where would you go, right now, no budget/time constraints? Would you return? What does that duct tape say on your face?

Brit said...

p.s. I forgot to say that I love the title and completely relate to it...I also like Em's line of questioning.

Sarah Slaughter said...

I love lurking on your blog. and I feel quite famous that I am in a picture on your blog - I am sure Chelsea feels privileged as well. I remember that night, and it was so fun! Remember when we had English together that semester? yeah, that was fun. Hope there is an end to all that homework - and props to you for writing a great post in your busy, english-filled life. Love ya

Sarah Slaughter said...
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