Sunday, February 12, 2012

heart-shaped plate


“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”
- George Bernard Shaw

Guys. You know I love food. LOVE it. My roommates have nicknamed me "the granola" or "pumpkin" or just plain old "ultimate chef" (huh?). More than once, I've had a roommate hover over my breakfast/lunch/dinner plate and ask me what I did and how I did it and can-they-please-have-a-bite? Then they ask me what the secret ingredient is. Well, love is always the answer. Duh!.... And..... practice. If you want to like what you eat (and if you want your body to like it, too), you have to practice. Figure out what you like, and eat it. But make sure it's real food. Real food always tastes better. Seems like a no-brainer, but in this world of processed foods, we sometimes forget. Did I just admit to being a food snob? Why yes, yes I did. And I have no shame.

Sooooo anywho, the ultimate foodie, amy mathews kunihiro, has asked me to do a blog about food...specifically food for valentine's day. I do not own a fancy-schmancy camera, nor do I live in a place with great natural light. Therefore, I will probably be breaking some kind of copyright laws when I use pictures from other bloggas. But hey, I'm just sharing the wealth with you all. Here are some deeeeericoius foods I have been needing to make lately. And ones I think you should cook for your lover, if you happen to have one. I set it up by meal, because I'm just that nice.

for breakfast....
pancakes of course. these ones look taaaaaaasty-tasy. joy the baker has a zillion pancake recipes. aka we are breakfast-soulmates. I betcha didn't know that breakfast soulmates existed. Well, guess what, they do.


for lunch...
a yummy soup perhaps? and a roll or some other kind of carb. hey, it's valentine's day. I never said carbs weren't real food. Try these sweet potato muffins..they're flippin' good.

this sounds like it would be healthy (which it is) and therefore gross (which it's not). I lived off of this for a week...mmm. Really good with freshly-grated parmesan cheese on top.

for dinner...
chicken gyros with tzatziki sauce. homemade pita is optional...but honestly, it shouldn't be. storebought pita=cardboard. whole wheat homemade pita=a soft, nutty pillow of utter and insane deliciosity. OR there's chicken tikka masala. jamie oliver's is da bessst. seriously, favorite meal. or there's italian food. I know someone in Hawaii who is particularly fond of pasta...


dessert must include chocolate. MUST. when you are brave enough, you can try them all. oooh just looking at them makes me esssited.



(sounds like pure insanity because it is)

what, you aren't full yet? don't worry, here's some nummy-nummy side dishes!


Alright, I think this is enough to induce a food coma. Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! Love yourself and eat something tasty.


JP Anderson said...

I'm sooo hungry!

A.E. said...

ah kenzington you make me laugh. Also, I'm in a food coma.

Amy said...