Tuesday, February 21, 2012

peanut butter cookies & car explosions

Let's get inside my head for a moment, shall we?

Yesterday I took a 3-hour nap (yeah, it was dumb to the tenth power). During this nap I dreamt that the apartment was a disaster. Dishes were piled everywhere, even on the floor. But I was determined to bake my Sunday loaf of bread. And some peanut butter cookies too, because why not? I would like to add that in my subconscious mind, the "mess" in the kitchen was still somewhat organized. All of the wooden things were stacked on the stove (um, not safe) and the metal stuff was in the sink. I also dreamt about someone...being my roommate, which would not be honor code savvy, but I gave him some cookies anyway. Next, I went to a house I didn't recognize and gave the strangers inside cookies too. What does this mean? 1) Cookies are always a good idea and 2) they will make anybody your friend.

Well, I took another nap today (ok dad, so I take a lot of naps, but they are never 3 hours long...except for that one time yesterday....ahem). And I dreamt that the apartment was a big mess again. Only this time it wasn't just clutter. There was mold and other things growing on the walls. Gag. Also, in this dream I was looking out my window and witnessed a realllllly bad car wreck, in which the car blew up. I have dreamt this dream more than a few times lately. What in the world is my dream mind saying? I'll break it down for you.

1) do not go see the Vow. oh wait...that wasn't really what my dream mind said. I'm just telling you for future reference.
2) I am afraid of car accidents (truth)
3) I like to bake (truth)
4) I will bake even if the kitchen is a mess (false)
5) I hate messiness (true)
6) I like giving food away (true)
7) I should stop taking naps (probably true, but I'm ignoring it)

What have you dreamt about lately? Anything that made you go, "what the fweak just happened?!" when you woke up?

= a typical McKenzie dream

man, my head hurts.


Amy said...

Along those same lines I dreamed I was back in college (recurring dream) and my roommate stole my money. I beat that girl black and blue and called the cops too. Woah! Crazy dreams. I say keep baking and walk wherever you go.

Bethany Maddox said...

You haven't been watching that Hoarders show, lately, have you?