Wednesday, September 28, 2011

that's about as awkward as it can get


there was this one time I slept on a pyramid. that was awkward. and yes, I'm sleeping while sitting up. even more awkward. were there tourists around? plenty. were we wasted on Dramamine? maybe.

Let's face it, either I'm awkward (mostly true) or I just bring out the awkwardness in other people (also true) or I attract awkward people. Blurgh.

  1. Dreaming that I wrecked my brother's sweet Laser. This is awesome because it was, in fact, a dream, and not reality. In the dream I kept thinking, "I hope this isn't real and that I wake up. I have no money for new tires." Wish granted.
  2. Bon Iver=a musical poet. Watch this and try to keep your mouth closed. I dare you.
  3. Kaitlyn Kaycee Dwiggins making her way to Rexburg just when I need her. Last night was not a good night for me and my allergies, people. Once again, I sound like a man and my face feels inside out.
  4. Finally getting Sister Gopp's address by way of crazy coincidence!
  5. Idaho autumn-y sunsets. How many days til October?!
  6. It's conference weekend, por fin.
  7. A beautiful thing called pumpkin smash smoothies at Jamba Juice. With the first sip, I died, came back, then died again.
  8. scripture study in the sun (who knows how much longer it will last...sniffle)
  9. Mint Green nail polish, mmm yes. It kinda makes me crave milkshakes, though. Problem.

  1. A certain home teacher who came over unannounced (as per usual) at around 10:30 pm, gave me unsolicited advice on my personal life, offered to set me up with one of his friends who "might be gay," and then took my roommate's ice cream out of her hands and ate some.
  2. Saying "Are you following me?" to people I keep running into, because I think they automatically think the opposite: " she following me?" Uhhhhhhhhh
  3. Eating red onions--never a good idea, even though they taste good. They ruin your mouth (and thus, your prospects...ya dig?) for days.
  4. Seeing no less than 10 people with the same shirt as me in one day. That's what happens when you buy something from American Eagle. Oy.
  5. Telling a roommate a hilarious story only to have her misunderstand and miss the punchline completely. Don't mind me, I'm just laughing at my own joke over here. Ha. Ha. Ha.........
  6. Trying to chat with someone on facebook, only to have them get offline right as you say "hey!" Well fine....I didn't wanna talk to you anyhow!


Amy said...

You don't happen to run around as "SpandexPandas" in some groups do you? Liked the Bon Iver stuff. :)

Brit said...

Ummm...that is one of the more awkward home teacher accounts I've heard (and I've been in BYU wards for YEARS now) ;)

Em said...

ahhah. i love it all.