Sunday, September 11, 2011

I haven't forgotten

I was tying my shoes when I heard the guy on the radio talking about the World Trade Centers in New York.

I went downstairs and saw everyone gathered around the TV. Mom turned and looked at me, and her face told me something was wrong.

That day, Isaac and I walked home from school looking for planes in the sky. Even though we lived in Oregon, I remember wondering if there would be a terrorist attack somewhere close by. I went home and watched the news. I think that was all I watched that week. Finally, my dad told me it probably wasn't good to watch it so much.

I remember when they pulled a firefighter out of the rubble, still alive. I remember seeing all of the missing posters on TV and hoping that the people would be found. Even though I knew that most of them wouldn't. I remember everybody was praying and putting out their flags.

I remember President Hinckley announcing that we had invaded Iraq. Little did I know that 10 years later, we would still be in this war. I hope that we are always in a war against evil--not necessarily a physical war, but a spiritual one. I hope that there will always be those willing to stand. I hope that we never let wickedness prevail, no matter the cost.


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