Thursday, September 22, 2011

snacks + music


Sometimes I have to do things to keep my brains from melting.

Things like riding my bike up and down the hill by my apartment.

Things like having mini dance-parties by myself, to get the blood flowing. Yes, by myself. I just admitted to that, who knows why?

Or sometimes I get on this blog and write something partly coherent. But mostly not. Make sense? Didn't think so.

This week I've noticed a pattern...when I get distracted and can't go on any longer, I start listening to a certain artist, and snack on a particular snack. For example...

monday imagine dragons+triscuits
tuesday phoenix+almonds
wednesday death cab for cutie+jamba juice
thursday bon iver+carrots/peanut butter

What does this say about these particular artists? Well maybe Imagine Dragons music makes me want to dance, and that makes me really hungry, and that calls for fiber. Hence the Triscuits. Phoenix is a French band...and French people like almonds, right? I'm starting to get in way too deep, here. Death Cab for Cutie is hipster music at its finest, and smoothies, well, I mean...what else can I say? Bon Iver never gets old, and neither does peanut butter. It goes with everything. So does Justin Vernon.

And that, my friends, was a brain meltdown on paper. Er...a blog.


Amy said...

Dancing + Fiber = New Undies :)

Em said...

hahaha. How does Amy always make it gross?