Wednesday, September 14, 2011



I've only been in Rexburg for four days (only four?!) but already I've been surprised by my Heavenly Father. I think I've mentioned before how much He enjoys "one-upping" me. I think I've got everything figured out..and then He kindly points me in the right direction--which is usually a place I never even thought about looking.

I'm glad He doesn't answer all of my prayers the way I want Him to. Otherwise I would've married Christopher Hardisty from the 3rd grade by now. And I probably would've gone to BYU instead of BYU-Idaho. I might even be living at home.

So here's to the element of surprise when it comes to our life plans. Jones Stephens said "I have learned that the head does not hear anything until the heart has listened, and that what the heart knows today the head will understand tomorrow." I fully believe in this. I also think you could substitute "head" with "natural man" and "heart" with "spirit."

Sometimes it's something as simple as randomly reconnecting with old friends from freshman year 3 years ago. I love reunions!

Or deleting a number from your phone you never thought you would. Sweet release!

Or maybe it's in becoming really good friends with a girl you've known for awhile but never really hung out with until now.

It could be in changing up your class schedule 48 hours before school starts and realizing that even though it was dissappointing to drop soccer at first, the Old Testmament Class was made for you.

Perhaps it's in getting a calling you never thought was coming to you. My mental reaction: "Who, me?!" [more about this latah]

It could be in switching jobs kind of at the last second. I love good impulses. Ha.

Maybe it's in crushing on someone you would have laughed at the thought of liking a few years ago. Laughed. Out. Loud.

It could be in attending that x-country information meeting. X-country, the last time you and I were friends was in 9th grade. Let's reconcile.

Here's to a fantastic fall semester!


A.E. said...

your crazy ways always inspire me! i have a feeling so far this is the best semester yet!!!

Amy said...

One thing that never surprises me....your positive attitude on all things life. Love you.

Terri said...

Oh Kenny Ive got to get you your last year of Ricks journal I can see big things are happening . Hows relief society??