Saturday, September 17, 2011

oh, the cleverness of me


-avocado+jam+egg sandwich. you know you want one.
-demolition derby (aka redneck jousting). now that's a good place to find a huzzbend.
-um, postmodernism is only, like, the BEST english class ever. And I can't believe I just said it like that, but I've lost all words. We read a story on Wednesday and my mouth was open for all 17 pages.
-secret glances heheheh
-a movie known as Midnight in Paris. It made me proud to be an English major. Oh and whoever played Ernest Hemingway...was attractive. Go ahead and think I'm weird for liking a dead guy. I dare ya.
-the very first open meet of the x-country season. It was surprisingly easy. And then the coaches' pep talk was, "Guys, it's gonna get easier, I promise." I smiled the whole way home.
-autumny rainy days

-seeing some guy friends from back in the day walking to sammy's...and then rolling down my window to say hi...and then my brain misfired at that exact moment and instead of making the "hi!" noise my mouth made the "ow-ow!" noise. oh the shame. they waved awkwardly as if they didn't know me. and then we sped away. face, meet palm.
-walking past my new classroom about five times, like a freshman with those cute little maps. and having a few upper-classmen (wait..that's me!) eyeball me with concern. Don't worry guys...I found it! It's...right here. In front of my face.
-the computer I'm currently using literally gasps for breath, guys. It kind of scares me when I'm trying to fall asleep and then all of a sudden, "Mehhhuuuuurrrrshhhhhh!" I'm sitting up in my bed faster than a hungry cheetah (huh?). I have no idea how you would pronounce that, by the way.
-being in the middle of a movie night with your roommates (meaning I was in my jammies...meaning that's all I was in. Get my drift?) when guys from the ward decided to pop in. Oh please, do not turn on that li.....oooh, too late. I'll just grab the nearest dishtowel then.
-that awkward thing people do when you are having a conversation with them and they start texting. which happens to me regularly. oy.
-that other awkward thing people do when they eavesdrop on a conversation you're having with someone else and then they add their own little anecdote. "Excuse me, do I know you? You're standing awfully close..."
-did you know that some boys (aka most boys) eat whatever's in their fridge no matter how badly it smells? I didn't. Luckily I wasn't the only one who noticed the strange smell. My friend came out of his room and said, "Who vomited?" Somebody get these kids an eternal compadre, stat!

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JP Anderson said...

"ow..ow"! hahaha! You blog is most entertaining to read.