Tuesday, October 4, 2011

domesticated and such

This week one of my facespace statuses (or is it stati? geesh, all of this English homework is getting to me in a bad way) said the following: "I just ate a pb&j sandwich with homemade bread and jam...does that mean I'm domesticated or poor?"

I'm pretty sure it's both. I love to cook and lately everything (not just food) has been homemade. I make my own bread, my own deodorant, my own sugar scrub, my own hair product, my own smokin' hot dates for the weekend. Oh...wait, forget that last one. That was my psyche projecting. Ha. I really need to quit hanging out with psych majors.

Today I refrained from buying the celestial kingdom in a can, a.k.a. canned pumpkin, because I know I'm just gonna buy a pumpkin and cook it. See? I think my pioneer roots are starting to creep in...or maybe I'm just a poor college student. Yeah, that's probably it.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go sew a quilt really quick before bed. It's getting a little bit chilly in here.

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Amy said...

He he. Get that quilt sewn the air is changing.