Monday, January 17, 2011

you thought I forgot, didn't you?

Remember back in the day when I made those wonderful happy lists? And then back in the day when I stopped for no reason at all other than laziness?

I hereby re-instate the happy list tradition. Feel free to air-guitar, do a happy dance, or smile. Or all three if your monday was as good as mine.

1. mr. andrew bird, cuz his music makes me feel like hammocking in a skirt (but hammocking in general is nice)
2. mexican mangoes. approximately one month ago, i still hated mangoes. "still" meaning I have always hated mangoes...they have a weird aftertaste. Then once upon a time I moved to Mexico. And the mangoes. Are. Amazing.
3. writing letters to people which I will probably never send. It's nice to just get my feelings out in the open somewhere.
4. hearing that crunch when you finally kill the cockroach. shudder.
5. imagining setting my feet on carpet 4 months from now. I'm betting you are close to some carpet right now. Please, for me, just go lay on it for a second. Appreciate your shag, folks.
6. the fact that it was 75 degrees today. I seriously think it's April and not January.
7. setting lots of new goals, making to-do lists for 2011, to-do lists for Rexburg, and figuring out my schedule for next semester. I'm a list-maker apparently.
8. practicing cumbia dance moves between classes.
9. early-morning spin class, early-evening run. Ragnar, I am coming for you. Watch out.
10. The gas truck that drives by our house every morning blasting the same song (which is now burned into my brain) and then some guy says, "Gaaaas!!" Hahaha!
11. stripey clothes
12. my new bangs. I'm finally getting used to them.
13. agua fresca. This is how Mexicans do juice: put water and some kind of fruit (the whole thing, peel and all) in a blender. Push button. Open mouth. Experience divinity.
14. playing "I love my neighbor" with my students today. One of my favorites, from one of my girl students: "I love my neighbor because they're beautiful." (she looks around cuz nobody moves) "Well, I'm beautiful!" (then stands up) HAHA

I'm sorry my lists are kind of lame...but I'll work on it! The happy list Mondays are back in action!!


Terri said...

i dont love mangos they are far to fiberous for me. I do like the sound of your class. I bet they are eatting you up soft and gentle with a wicked sense of timing and humor. ENJOY. I watched a sweet movie in which a woman says. Some people cant enjoy a delicious watermellon because their to busy worryin about the seeds. Or something like that. Enjoy your mexican life.

Allison Marie said...

So happy the happy lists are back! I want your life! BHAHHAHAH. Okay, the cockroaches would kill me but still.

Ging said...

My Happy List today:
1. A really clean main floor. As in cleaner than it has been in months (possibly years- yikes)
2. Making a yummy recipe I have never tried before when I didn't even shop for it- and it was so good. Thanks Jamie Oliver
3. Finally dusting Caleb's shelf. It was a small but significant victory.
4. Running 4 miles and knowing I could run 4 more if I had the time. Whoot Whoot!
5. Chocolate Ganache in the fridge
6. Finishing a really, really good book- thank you James Herriot
7. My daughter's happy list