Saturday, January 22, 2011

a little somethin’ awkward, a little somethin’ awesome.

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Ever heard of The Daybook? Well it just so happens to be a really cool little blog run by a fellow Rexburgian. Okay, and that brings me to my first awkward. Rexburgian?

Anyway, Sydney, the girl who runs it, does this thing called “Awkward and Awesome Thursday,” where she lists the awkwardness/awesomeness of the week.

I love lists.

Awkward moments define my life.

And of course, awesomeness is sprinkled in there too (as you know from my happy list Mondays).

So here we go.


*living in an apartment where the walls are paper thin. That includes bathroom walls. Ick.

*last night, in order to avoid being accosted by the plethora of Latin Lovers which came out of the woodwork when I walked down the street, I latched onto a woman with a baby. I walked pretty close to her, which I think freaked her out, and made her walk even faster. So much for Mexican hospitality.

*being one of 12 white people at a party (the rest were Mexicans, obviously) and having them stare at us incredulously when we started dancing. That bad, huh?

*leaving aforementioned party with an entire leftover cake for my roommates and I to share and getting weird looks from a few people. “Yes, it’s all for me. I’m on the LGFC diet.” (FYI, that’s the “Look Good Fully Clothed” Diet).

*when the people you live with eat your food and they know it…and you know they know it…so when you see them next, you give them the hairy eyeball, and they pretend like they don’t know, but they know. Oh, and that entire sentence was awkward.

*Using the wrong verb in Spanish and thus turning a normal, everyday comment into a really dirty one. Sorry, my bad.


*that cake we brought home is dericious. So is the salsa verde and the guacamole. I could drink it, it’s so good.

*discovering old music on the iPod that hasn’t been in heavy rotation for a long time.

*getting a tan in January. Benefits of living in Mexico, Part 210.

*that little cheek-touch, kiss-in-the-air thing that Mexicans do when they greet you/say goodbye. I just like it, that’s all.

*Alma 37. Go read it. Right now, okay?!

*I can’t believe I am confessing to this. But last night I spent a good amount of time on this website. It’s pretty cool, I think.

*discovering poems which I wrote freshman year. Like this one, containing some of my favorite words:

The swath began and ended

At the fire hydrant

Limbs were bruised

From the pelting rain

I could have bulldozed

The answers out of him

But didn’t bother

Because of the iron grip

He held on with both

Dusty hands

Because of that quixotic

Happiness I felt for him

Did I ever weep?

Why, no, I did not climb

Those steep stairs enough

Not enough to

Cause me to tremble

Then hide

Pouring onto the hideaway

Was the sadness

But I couldn’t guess

What the reason was for the

Seamless clouds

And this concludes my awkward and awesome post. Adios, my friends.


Jen said...

I loved all your moments and am so glad you shared!

B and B said...

I love your list! Cute blog! Happy List Mondays is a brilliant break through idea. :) Congratulations.


P.S. Utah Bride Blog rocks! Also check out the Utah Bride and Groom blog. I used to write for them and they are awesome!

JP Anderson said...

Okay, I went to "this site" and those weddings were pretty awesome. I need a sweet camera. I also need to go to bed.

Allison Marie said...

Um, we are destined to be best friends after I looked at "this site". Oh, I'm just not brave enough to confess the things I should to you online. :] We are twins.

Ging said...
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Ging said...

You have so many gifts my dear- writing is near the very top. I confess the awkward list made me grin.I am glad you have the presence of mind to latch on to unsuspecting mothers in order to stay clear of the many Latin lovers.... Oh dear, may my mother's heart be still

Anonymous said...

HAHA. I love the part about you getting up to dance. Show them your skillz!