Saturday, January 15, 2011

mckenzie fox here, reporting for duty

i stole this from italia (my roommate, not the country).
she is OCD and therefore my half of the room looks bad.
but it's really not. it's clean now, i promise.

This is (como se dice en español?) a weekend update:

This week when we played hangman, my students made me the victim, complete with a foot of blood streaming out of my neck. Sorry, that was graphic. At least they didn't add knives below the gallows like they usually do....yikes.

Yesterday was "fun friday," so I let my students pick the game. They picked Sardines. It was probably the funniest game of Sardines I have ever played. They hid in the storage closet downstairs, which really should not fit 9 students inside of it. They somehow squished themselves beneath stacked up desks and behind old play sets. So, lesson learned: Mexicans are flexible.

On Thursday nights we play fútbol at the stake center with Mexicans. Okay, let me rephrase that. On Thursday night the Mexicans play fútbol and we run around and act like we know how to play. I have never enjoyed playing soccer so much before...or sweated so much playing it. Man, I am really descriptive in these posts. Just act like you don't mind all of the blood and sweat, ok?

This morning we went to breakfast at the house of one of my students' mean mansion. In Mexico, everyone's house is surrounded by a giant wall, so you can't see the front of it until the gate opens. Anyway, his parents invited me and two other teachers, so we went. It was pretty sweet because we walked through the gates and BAM, there was a mansion! They proceeded to say things like "our house is your house," because that's how Mexicans are. Isn't it awesome? They fed us a delicious breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon (with salsa, YUMMMMM), and toast. Don't forget the stinkin' amazing MANGO JUICE. I didn't used to like mangoes, but Mexico has converted me.

Today we finally took a taxi to Chadraui (like Wal Mart) and got some real food (besides peanut butter, mexican granola bars, and mandarin oranges, which we've been living off of for a week). Grocery shopping in Mexico is really funny because the aisles are super narrow and so turning around your shopping cart is really awkward. It's bad enough that everyone is staring at us because we're white, speaking English, and really, really ridiculously good-looking. Ok, forget that last remark, I didn't wash my hair today until 6:30 at night (gross). But seriously! Why is everything so stinkin' narrow here?

Tonight we got some dancing lessons from true Mexicans...haha. Teo, the stake prez, is a really fine dancer, and he taught me how to shake my hips. I'm serious...I really didn't know I could move like that until now! They take dancing seriously here. Dancing and soccer--you'd better be pro at them by the time you leave. Give me 4 more months and I will impress you all with my skills!

Number of cockroaches killed today: 5. Number of times we had to kill each one: 5. That's 25 stomps! They are invincible, I tell you!

this little guy (ok, he wasn't really little) was eating the colony of ants
which decided to camp outside our door today. maybe I should start naming all of my bug friends...


JP Anderson said...

My jaw hurts from laughing and smiling too much. OH MY FUNNY!

sleye1 said...

Kenzie -I have a vague memory of buying you a camera. And yet, all the pictures you share are taken with someone else's camera. What gives?

Secondly, your bedroom there looks like your bedroom here.

Third, so glad you are having a marvelous time.

Love, dad

funsizetessa said...

by golly disgusted over the cockroach business!!
obsessively happy over everything else my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am so freaking happy for you.

Niki Purser said...

That sounds like a blast! I must agree with the others...cockroaches are gross. I'm excited that you are having so much fun and can't wait for your next post of adventures!! :)

chelsea said...

please make the letters you send me on my mission as good as these stories!! ...and i hear there is no carpet in argentina either. yikes!