Monday, January 31, 2011

she's at it again

since this is a random post,
i figured i'd stick a random picture on it.

i'm a little bit crazy about a few things right now.

this blog. ever since discovering it two weeks ago, i have been looking at it every day. all of her recipes look so flippin' amazing and healthy. all of you healthy-food-haters out there are in for a dericious treat.

instrumental bands like this one. when i hear this song I feel like road-tripping under a starry sky with my best friend next to me, windows down of course.

making lists. it's not a new obsession, really. but it's getting worse.

reading the comments section at CNN. Look at these hilarious nuggets...

@ "Oprah has a half-sister"
"oh yeh? I have a toothache...stop the presses!"
"What is really sad is that there was a program on Oprah's heritage and someone actually watched this. need to get out more. Maybe get a hobby other than Oprah worship."
"If I were Oprah, I would ask for DNA proof before adding them on the xmas list." HA!!

@singer Willie Nelson being arrested on pot charges
"Come down hard? For what? Pot? Tobacco, alcohol, red meat, McDonlds....these things are all worse for you, but perfectly legal...."
and in response to that last comment : "You don't lose your mind nor can hurt other people eating at MacDonald you dummy."

my personal favorite: "Live your own life and let people live theirs. I smoke weed and it affects exactly nobody but me. And the extent that it affects me is greatly exagerated by people like you. Sure there probally a few people that were high and drove off the road or something like that. But pot is like anything, it should be done in moderation and you shouldn't do dangerous activities while high. If i want to sit at home and get baked and play video games I am not a criminal."

"Willie makes no secrets about smoking pot. It would act a pain releiver to help him keep on the road touring. At his age and it more than benefits him." oh geez....

daydreaming about foods i will eat when i go back to the u. s. of a.
great harvest bread. oh, wheat bread in general will be niiice.
almond butter.
nuts that aren't doused in lime juice.
baby carrots.
grilled chicken+grilled veggies.
veggies in general.

imagining running in a neighborhood where nobody stares at me as i coast on by...
also daydreaming about running clothes. i happen to love spandex. yerp.

orygun coast and zion's are always on the brain when i need an escape hatch.

i imagine i will have a hammock in a week's time. psyyyche.

these little turkeys:

google video chat. remember the days when I came home to utah on the weekends and the children got super-hyper? well, this is almost the same, only I don't feel them grab onto my legs and not let go. :(

I really need to go now. I'll come back to this here blog latah. With a real, legitimate PHOTO POST.

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funsizetessa said...

Those little munchkins are adorable. Those people who comment on that website are ridiculous. They entertain me so.