Tuesday, January 11, 2011

the mind of a mexican child

(these aren't my students, but if they were...you wouldn't be deceived
by their smiles)

First day of school was yesterday.

All I have to say is "what did I get myself into" and "they're lucky they're cute, because if they weren't...."


Here's some funny things they said/did (I'm sure someday it will not make me laugh. not at all.)

student: "My older brother told me that in China, when they don't want their kids anymore, they eat them. The government gives them money, and then they eat them."
me: "Ooh, he did now? Well, that's not true." [stifling laughter]

upon seeing the rexburg temple as the background on my computer: "Is that your house?!"

me: "okay kids, write a story using the words 'orange,' 'texas,' and 'electric guitar.'"
student: "teacher! this is how my story goes! 'Michael Jackson and Shamu went to Texas and he learned to play guitar. Is that good? Haha, get it, Michael Jackson and Shamu!"
me: "Shamu, you mean the whale?"
him: "No, no, sham-poo!" (in Spanish, shampoo sounds like Shamu, FYI)

My roommate Italia introduced herself to her kids. They said, "Italia?! Italia es un país!" (Italia is a country!) Then they started chanting, "Italia Pequeña, Italia Pequeña!" Who knows there they come up with this stuff?

I walked across the "field" in the courtyard, which is actually just dirt with a few patches of measly grass. One of the little boys said, "Nooo, Teacher, noooo! Don't walk on the grass! Don't walk on the grass! It's groooowing!" Yeah, maybe in 15 years. Haha

Me, to a mischevious little boy: "What's your name...your REAL name?" (the kids like to play pranks on the new teachers and tell them the wrong name on the first day)
boy: "Uhhhh.....blebleblele!"
I saw he was drinking a juice box that said "Manzana" on it, so I said, "Ok, your name is Apple then."
Hysterical laughter ensued.
Oh geesh.

student: "Teacher, what is "pedimos ir" in english? (they're not allowed to speak Spanish but they do it anyway...oh dear. Too bad they know I understand them)
me: "It means 'can we go.' Ohh...wait.."
student: pedmios ir? pedimos ir?
me: no, 5 more minutes! (out of spite)

me, looking through the book they're supposed to read: "What story do you want to read?"
boy, flipping through the book 'til he gets to the end: "I know! Nothing!" Nice one.

me: do you know what my name is?
students: ma-ken-sie! ma-ken-sie FOX!
me: fox? what?
students, chanting: ma-ken-sie-fox! ma-ken-sie-fox!

me: do you guys know what an 'experiment' is?
girl: ooh, I know! It's when you put the googles on, and then you pour stuff in bottles, and then they go 'BOOM!' and everyone goes 'ahhhh!' Right?

That was day one, people. 119 more days to go. Pray for me.


sleye1 said...

You are never going to see life the same way again. And you're going to fall in love with teaching. No doubt.

Allison Marie said...

These are all so hilarious! I'm glad you have tougher skin than me and can handle them! You are doing awesome, woman!

Amy said...

Sounds like a rowdy bunch of sillies. Just like at my house! Enjoy Kenz. Keep the stories comin.

Ging said...

I hope life at home has somewhat prepared you for this. After all when Cal and Ellie weren't eaten by their parents they became a very challenging duo. I am so glad you blog- keep going... fox

Terri said...

This sounds delightful and comforting. Children are the same the world over. You just stay 2 steps ahead of them. Miss Livingston

chelsea said...

haha i love it! so glad that you have all those kids to make your visit so saweet.

funsizetessa said...

Fox, I love you! And I love everything they say. I'm dying.

Anonymous said...

it sounds like you are having some fun! Be good, fox! Send me a postcard! I need to get your address.