Friday, July 2, 2010

road trip with myself

it is 9:40 something
I didn't sleep last night
not. a. wink.
needless to say
I am ready for 3:15
when I depart Rexburg.
I haven't had a stretch of asphalt
all to myself
in a long time
and i'm about ready for
another adventure
I think I will
roll down the windows
turn up the music
and breathe in summer
see you soon, utah

oh yeah. and i found the solution for my chronic hunger woes.
its name is taco bus.
and it is amazing.

see this little slice of heavenly-ness?
it is called a carnita.
mmmmmmmmmm (to the 10th power)
you don't tell them what to put on it
just let them work their
magic Mexican fingers
all you have to do
is say
"quisiera cuatros tacos con carnitas, por favor."
magic words have new meaning now.

see ya later, rexburg.


Amy said...

I love that first photo of your review mirror. I wanna Taco Bus!!!

Amy said...

p.s. Can't wait to see you soon.

Terri said...

Drive safe kenz. Get a carnita for the road. It looks delicious.

Jen said...

Can you bring me one of those! GEESH oH Mally they look delish!