Tuesday, June 29, 2010

tengo hambre

Lately I have really been craving food.

This isn't what it sounds like. I'm eating, alright. But "eating" to a college student who has no time to cook real meals isn't "eating" to a normal person.

Example: tonight after my haircut I didn't have anything to make. So I had some carrots w/ hummus, some of those multigrain chips from Costco (thank you madre!), and string cheese. I figured that would be enough of a meal.

It's 10:53 and my tummy is rumbling.

What? I ask it.

You're saying you want real food?!

The audacity of the idea...

Anyway. On Friday I am heading down to Utah again.

And I can honestly say that one of the things I am most looking forward to is my mother's magical touch when it comes to food.

Hooray for balanced meals!

p.s. do you think it's wrong if it's hotter inside the apartment than it is outside AND we have the air conditioning on AND there's an audible lightning storm going on too? do you? welcome to rexburg, people. welcome.

Apparently I have been without bread for so long that the
brownness has faded from my eyes and left behind
black craters...just kidding. Picasa decided
to turn my "red eye" into black eye. And this was
taken a year ago...back when I really did eat bread. *Tear*


sleye1 said...

Guess I'd better tell mom to fire up the stove - boy, have we got a surprise for you...

Kenz said...

TELL ME! please! Does it have to do with chocolate? Or something even better?

p.s. my word verification for my own blog was bolilysm. Sounds like some disease.

Ging said...

My challenge for this weekend- should I choose to accept it- is to cook. We did have Southwest Eggrolls for dinner last night. This morning we are having pan toast. Guess whose eating with us? Leslie and family.

Jen said...

Please someone feed this hungry college student.. I'll tell you one thing - your Aunty Jenny would fed you so well if you just happened to come to my house this weekend. I would!