Friday, July 30, 2010

New Blog(s)

So...I decided that this blog wasn't big enough for all of my thoughts.

Nevermind my six (that's right, six) actual journals which I keep on various topics outside of this blog.

So far I only have one blog that's up and running...which is an accidental pun because the blog is about--you guessed it--running! Apparently it's a good way to keep track of your progress and get all of your "running angst" on paper...virtual paper that is.

If you are brave (which I think you are because you're already reading this blog), click here to find the newest branch of this crazy blog tree.
p.s. this blog is still under construction, so I apologize in advance for its lack of coolness and gadgetry. Just you wait...

Next look out for a food blog (yep, I finally caved) and a writing blog...wahoo!


Em said...

student/academic by day. blogger by night (and weekends/and study breaks).

Ging said...

Good for you. Proof you have time for anything you really want to accomplish.