Monday, March 19, 2012


sometimes I feel like this is the environment I live in.

sometimes I'm tempted to eat something with peanut butter on it for every single meal. and sometimes I give in to that temptation. no shame.

sometimes I smile at perfect strangers just to see what they will do. since I live in Rexburg, this game isn't too exciting, because most everyone smiles back. but some people wink. and then the game ends.

sometimes I stumble on a song I love and I can't stop listening to it. like this one.

sometimes I daydream about April 6th and sometimes I have nightmares about it. Mixed emotions up in herrrrre.

sometimes I have too many thoughts and feelings to be contained in this little brain of mine, so I write them all out in letters which I never send. I have multiple "unsendables" on my hard drive, yo. And that is where they shall stay.

sometimes I wish I could forget about school for a long time and become a bona fide musician. and sometimes I use "bona fide" in sentences even though it sounds funny.

sometimes I surprise myself by how much I bake. I mean for realz, who makes homemade tortillas and homemade pizza crust in one day? Who would do that? Not 2008 freshman Kenzie. But 2012 Senior Kenzie is apparently very self-sufficient. Or just a food snob to the extreme.
(p.s. the tortillas were delicious. recipe here.)

sometimes I watch 15 minutes of The Final Rose before I feel nauseous and have to leave the room before I slap the TV (because I can't actually slap the people on the TV, even though I wish that were possible sometimes).

sometimes I have dance parties in my room, by myself. with the blinds open. ya....

sometimes I wonder what my future self would say to my present self right now. like, "kenzie, stop worrying about everything. it's all going to turn out ok." I'm pretty sure that's what she would say.

sometimes I can't sleep at night so I start thinking about Mexico. And I can't really believe it's almost been a full year since I left that place. What a day that was.

sometimes I don't really care about the movies that are out these days (p.s. I've now seen The Vow and Gone so you don't have to). But can I just say, I am excited to the 1,000th power for this Friday at 12am. To see Peeta The Hunger Games.

so tell me..what would your "sometimes" list consist of?

{inspired by this lovely lady}

p.s. totally changed the blog name. but changing the URL is too messy. /the end/


Jen said...

i love your new blog name and you may have just inspired me to post a blog! HMMM! Love you!

Ging said...

I always laugh when I read your blog and usually feel a little bit (or a lot) like crying. Don't worry,...i's just love.

Ging said...

Oh and I love your new blog name too- but I still think you are a red-head in an auburn/brown sort of way.