Monday, March 12, 2012

I guess I need to rename this blog thang

perhaps I'll rename it "that's so mckenzie"

Lately, I've had a lot of people tell me emphatically that I am
not a redhead and therefore should not have named my blog thus.

Before I offer up photographic evidence that proves them all wrong, I'll just ask you for some ideas in the comments section. And nothing cheesy like "the life and times of mckenzie-girl." Heck to the no. There are already 1,000 blogs with a title almost exactly like that one.

I digress...

Last week I was a vegetable and quarantined myself in my room for most of those 7 days. Being sick is no fun. I hope this is all the sickness I get for the year. P.S. my journal entries from that time period are going to be a great case against drugs someday. F'real.

A little bit of randomness floating in my daylight-savings-ized brain (yep, I just verbed that word. And verbed the word "verb." I'm just that cool. Or I've been in school for far too long...)
  • There are 20-something days of school left. Twenty. I can hardly believe it's real! I feel like I need to get out and do all my favorite things in Rexburg before those 20 days are up. And maybe finally climb R Mountain?? Who's with me?
  • Today I taught my student from Japan what "swagger" means. I really am gonna miss this job.
  • Spring is finally here. Meaning I wore a skirt to class today. Without tights. And my sweet shades which everyone thinks are expensive Ray Bans, but really they were a buck, just fyi.
  • My freckles have begun to show up again, and I broke out my Chacos at last, so here comes the zig-zag tan. I have been waiting to see those two things since I returned from Mexico a year ago (?!). No foolin'.
  • I applied for a job in Provo today, and started looking for housing, and pretty soon I'm gonna look for someplace I can take GRE prep classes. It's really happening...ahh! I still scratch my head and ask Heavenly Father if He's sure. Because I'm really not. Six months from now I know I'll be glad I listened to Him.
  • I recently figured out that I like wearing scarves...right in time for all the snow to melt and the sun to make me all sweaty-like. Too bad.
  • Even though I love writing letters (to the 50th power), there's nothing like seeing an envelope in the mailbox with my name on it. Especially from someone who didn't get one from me in the first place.
  • I've taught a bunch of people my "super-secret" superhero handshake this semester. I'm trying to spread it like that Kony Video. I'll probably fail, least I tried, right?
  • I made lasagna and cheesecake and bread sticks for the first time evah on Sunday and fed it to 7 hungry people. I'm pretty sure feeding people is my new favorite hobby.
  • I made summer plans that include grilled cheese sandwiches+picnics, bike rides up the heezy, eating contests, and learning new languages. Did I mention these plans were made with my 7-year old sister? Oh okay then.
  • I found out Bon Iver is coming to SLC in May! Best news of my life. Well, okay, not the best, but still pretty amazeballs.
What's going on wit you people? Do tell. I feel like we haven't talked in forevers. It might be because you never comment. Or it might be because I was under the influence of Sudafed last week. Your pick.


Michele Alger said...

Oh! You are so incredibly LOVEABLE!! I completely love your post. Love your plans and so agree with your perspective. *HUGS*

Melissa Price said...

I believe in fair trade, soo, yeah...feel free to cook for my family and live here. We are just a short bike ride away from BYU. That would make my millennium. And Summer is going to college next year, so she's kind of a college roomie.
Keep up the good work on your blog. Whatever you call it, it's always entertaining.

Kaitlyn said...

I think your summer plans should also include taking a road trip down to Arizona! Not even kidding, girlfriend. Also... I think you will NEED to come down if you know what I'm sayin. Eh eh eh?

Ging said...

What'a heezy? What job did you apply for? I don't know your secret handshake. Why? Okay- enough. You could call it "The truth about auburns.." I dunno. Or maybe you could start spying on those who call themselves true redheads and write about it here. Thoughts...

shawn rowley said...

how about "soft thoughts on hard days" or " so you think your a redhead?" i like your title as it is even if your not a redhead, it can become an expose' on the auburn conspiracy to take over the produce industry....