Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I need to confess...

confession 1: this week I took an old red skirt which was destined for the D.I. pile and instead threw it into the bathtub with a whole bunch of bleach. I smelled like a swimming pool for days. And the skirt did not turn pink like I planned. It's more of a pukey orange color...perfect for fall, no? So much for being domesticated.

confession 2: I have eaten more pb&j's in the past couple of weeks than I have in my whole life. Mostly because of this bread recipe.

confession 3: This song has been on repeat lately. It's a classic, you know.

confession 4: I make up recipes in my head when I can't concentrate in class. Don't worry, today in Spanish Lit when the discussion starting leaning towards the ridiculous (as it often does, remember I'm one of two girls in that class), I started writing down all of the soups I'm going to make this month. Oh yeah, that's my other confession. I plan on eating mostly soup this month. Don't deny you're jealous.

confession 5: Sometimes I look in my Mexico archives and read about the olden days. But then I start to feel a little bit depressed so I have to stop. Time to let go, McKenz. Let. Go.

confession 6: I may or may not have begun to study on a bench right outside the library because 1, it is the best place for people-watching, and, I can't tell you the other reason. This is a confession-session but it's also the world wide web, folks.

confession 7: I hate, no, loathe, the giant body pillow which Chelsea bequeathed to me for the duration of her mission. You know why? Because it is not in the shape of my body at all, nor does it contour to my shape. Did I just sound like an infomercial or what? Anyway, the point is that her body pillow has been banished to the corner of my room, far, far away from my sleeping space.

confession 8: I get the urge to jump in the leaves a lot. Soon I'm just going to give in to the impulse.

confession 9: I want to bake lots of carbs and then leave them on random people's doorsteps. The look on their faces is priceless! And so the phantom goodie season begins...

confession 10: I enjoy the weather when it's all rainy, because then I get to wear this beauty:
during winter...

or spring...

even summer.

Ahhh. Fall is offically here. Time to relish. Oh how I love that word.


funsizetessa said...

bahahah the body pillow that looks like a tampon :)

Amy said...

Oh my. Tessa spilled the beans on the body pillow there. I'm thinking just dispose of it and get Chels a new one?

On another note. Share those soup recipes will ya? I'm a soup lover.

{Princess seeking frog} said...

feel free to leave goodies on my door any day! :)
and soups are the bomb. a total explosion of flavor. my favorite thing in the whole. wide. world.

Em said...

i wish i was your neighbor