Thursday, October 27, 2011

a lil' bidnez

shout-out to my liz-girl

I updated the sidebar AND the playlist tab, so be proud of me! You wanna know what else I've accomplished this week? Thought so. Otherwise why the junk are you reading this blog?
  1. bought the ugliest orange hat ever from the D.I., which I am now wearing.
  2. finally got all the stuff for my costume...and it is going to be off the chain. or should I say, off the vine...
  3. speed-walked up to the temple because bro. anderson shared this quote on wednesday. I had to get there before satan stopped me. ha
  4. started writing sister bedke a serial letter, meaning it's taken me 3 days already. kinda like I'm sending her a journal entry.
  5. shaved my legs por fin! yeah, i'm being serious. it's amazing how often I talk about that subject on this blog.
  6. exercised every day so far (brownie points for me! ok...maybe not brownie points. celery points?)
  7. started making playlists for future mixes for mis amigos. your ears shall be happy, friends.
  8. gallivanted (whoa, is that even correct grammar?) through more leaves. I still haven't actually jumped in them, but today I noticed the giant piles just sitting in porter park. muahaha
  9. worked, worked, worked some more. my favorite student would probably hafta be the 12-year-old who can't help but talk about star wars, explosions, and legos in between paragraphs.
  10. took a couple of mid-terms. wait...mid-terms?! it's not halfway through the semester already, right?
  11. realized once again how awesome my life is. why should I complain?


Em said...

:) i can't wait to see the costume.

Scrotobaggins said...
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Victoria said...

I WANT A MIX!!! Please? You have supreme taste in music. I will accept such gifts.... if you're in the mind...

Jen said...

I love that costume you creative girl!