Monday, December 13, 2010

la ultima lista de felicidad (en rexburg)

c'mon, learn to love the snow

1. this brand spankin' new FOOD BLOG I just made! Wahoo!
2. not setting foot in the library ONE time today. that is the first time all semester I can say that. sheesh.
3. going inside of the new BYU-Idaho Center to run on the track for my science class....the track is above the gym...which is cool...but seriously this whole building is jaw-dropping. It's so jaw-dropping that I just used a cliché! What up with that?
4. the smell of brownies filling up my apartment (bakin' for the work partay tomorrow)
5. one last FHE with my roommates at TwizlBerry. Tonight we all said something we liked about the person next to us. After that, a girl came over to our apartment and said that she felt like we were really "united." She got that vibe. I got that vibe, too.
6. salsa verde. YUM.
7. wearing my socks all day. and saying socks like "shocks." see, it's fun!
8. watching my roommate Macy turning our Christmas ornaments into earrings. She can pull off anything. It's just not fair.
9. imagining my mom giving me a shoulder massage a week from now because my back hurts so much because i've been sitting here for countless hours doing homework. and that was a run-on sentence, yo.
10. hats with tassles

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