Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bloggin' From the Airport

Soooo, this is the first time I have ever done this. I am blogging from an unspecified location...oh dang, I guess I already gave it away in the title. Well, just pretend you didn't read that and guess:

I am sitting right by a room from which lots of smoke is emanating. There are people inside who will inevitably die of lung cancer someday.

I'm sitting across from

a hunched over guy in an Indian Jones hat

A bearded brunette reading...Esquire?

Listening to Anderson Cooper talk to someone about that one oil spill...thing...

Listening to the whir of airplanes outside the window

Watching a sleepy baby rest on its mom's stomach

and I can still smell that smoke (second-cough-hand-cough-smoke!)

Also, gearing up for my next flight to the place of my childhood:

p.s. did I mention I am a mere 25 minutes away from my parents? I'll post some wedding pics later! Hasta lasagna folks!



Amy said...

I hope you love your visit and have a fantastic time at your friend's wedding!

Kirsten said...

McKenzie I'm totally stalking you now. : ) Such a funny post.

Terri said...

How wonderful to get a vacation mid semester. I bet you have mixed feelings about Lizzy I know I did when Sheri one of my dearest friends got married. Let granma and granpa spoil you!!
Love Aunt Terri