Friday, June 11, 2010

One Hundred Posts, Baby!

'Tis my 100th post. I've been thinking about it for a long time, and I'm still not sure what I'm supposed to write.

Is it supposed to be profound? Funny? Reminiscent? Maybe all three?

When I first started this blog, it was an outlet for recording outrageous college experiences. I figured if I started a blog for that sole purpose, outrageous things would happen to me.

And so they did.

Instead of giving you a big fat recap of everything, I decided to make it a little purtier.
I decided that I will be posting a heck of a lot more....
As in, once or twice a week.
Maybe a day?

My creative juices are flowing like a class 5 rapid right now.
So I shall succumb, like I always do.

Instead of writing your favorite memory of me/blog post in the comment section, I would prefer that you let your creative-ness run free.


write a poem
an original joke
a really really short story (flash fiction)
something in a different language
your favorite food and why
a dream you've had
the perfect day
a creative goal
your idea of beautiful

*mucho amor, mcfrenzy*

p.s. i haven't quite figured out how to make the comment button a different color, so click on the title of this post to see it betta.


Amy said...

I'm gonna go with dream.
For all you readers of Nie Nie I saw her little sister Lucy and baby Betsy at Target the other day and I think it prompted this dream.
I was babysitting Nie Nie's kids while she had surgery. It was a fine time. Then I decided to leave them all home and go somewhere, except I ran into their grandma who questioned me as to her grandchildren's whereabouts. I lied and said a neighbor was watching them. Only then one of the grandkids called their grandma to report they were scared and all alone, at which time I took the phone and pretended to talk to the "neighbor" I had watching them. I said, "Okay, so the kids are good. Thank you. Bye", then turned to hang up the phone only to see Grandma had her finger on the button that hangs up the phone. She raised her eyebrow at me..and then I woke up.

Terri said...

Beauty... I think things are beautiful based on how they move you. Like my yard and flowers are beautiful because of the attention and care I invest in it. My daughter is beautiful when she plays with her nieces on her lap. My painting Oh Jeruselem is beautiful because of what it says to me. Beauty is when beauty does. i think you Kenz are beautiful because you are without guile and you are pure of heart and that is truely beautiful.

Jen said...

Happy 100th post Miss McKenzie! I drove by your apartment building and wished with all my heart I had known which number it was. Love you big - REAl REAL BIG!

Ging said...

Today while discussing bills with Dad I used the phrase "worst case scenario" Caleb asked what that was. I said "The worst that could happen." Caleb replied,"Like falling off a cliff is a worst case scenario?" Yes son.

Happy 100th.