Friday, June 25, 2010

{what happened to my brain}

5pm, June 24th: Doing homework in la biblioteca.
5:05 trying to write proposal for research paper
5:07 outside to get some energy from the sun
5:08 sun makes my shirt stick to my skin
5:09 eat apple, dream of swimming pool
5:10 shirt is getting stickier
5:15 go back into the library
try not to cry about it
5:20 wander around library looking for someone
5:25 give up looking and sit down
5:30 stare at computer screen
5:31 realize I should be doing homework
5:32 upon this realization, I direct my attention to
this video.
5:34 start laughing out loud in library
5:35 a few people glare at me
5:36 laugh some more, get some more hairy eyeballs
5:40 go back to Spanish homework
5:45 wake up 5 minutes later. Wait...wake up?
5:47 realize I need a nap
5:50 sleepwalk home
6-7 sleep
somewhere in here, I woke up and ate something
8:45-10 go back to library to finish what I never started
10-11 go home, journal
11:30 help Niki write her cover letter
11:45 decide a shower is in order
12 am: turn A/C in room to 60. Sink all the way down into my sheets
Did I mention I shaved my legs?
Have you ever shaved your legs and then
gotten between cool sheets?
Try it sometime. It's comparable
to eating lots of chocolate & then
taking a longgg nap.
12:30 read some Junie B. Jones to Chels & Niki
12:45 Good, bad, funny, something you don't know about me
*sleep again, dream again*
June 25th, 8:50 a.m. Woke up, looked at clock
8:51 realized it was morning
8:53 threw on a skirt, popped some Stride
8:55 thought about striding to work
8:56 forgot about brushing hair
8:57 changed my mind about striding to work
8:59 asked Chelsea for a ride
[sidenote: Chelsea is a gooood girl.
You wanna know why? She had a towel on her head.
& she still said yes.]
9-10 am: taught student about strong verbs.
What's your verb?
I have a few right now:
What? Sleeping is a verb.
10-11: go home, actually get ready
brush teeth
brush hair
lots of brushing
11:30-12:20 library...again

So now you know why my brain looks like this:
I need to go back to bed.


Niki Purser said...

You're so silly!!!!
That was a great post. I remember a lot of those things. It does sound like you have something important to do this weekend-SLEEP! Hopefully you get to do that when you stop doing homework!! Thanks for helping me do my cover letter! :)

Jen said...

GEESH LOUISE! I'm tired just reading that! OHHH the good ole days ! LOVE YOU BIG!

Terri said...

That sounds like whats goin on at myhouse. Summer school is bummer school.

sleye1 said...

Rudy - you're one crazy cowgirl - see ya in a week - hope you're ready for the 5k.

Luv, the pa

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Ging said...

Wait. Are you living my life? Okay, no. I never studied as hard as you do. I can't possibly write a blog that clever and my sleep deprivation is mostly age related- as in I am 42 and she is 5....
I love you

JP Anderson said...

You've got quite the brain. Creativity just oozes. Too bad it's not oozing the answers to your homework all the time. But then that super funny blog would have never come about.