Sunday, September 16, 2012

confess or don't, but either way you ate a lot of apple pie.

I service society by (not) blogging

1) I just wrote the title of this post as if I was talking to myself. Which I pretty much am doing anyway. Isn't that what a blog is? I'm too tired to get into the metaphorical-ness of that last statement.

2) Ellie made a birthday card for my dad, and in it she wrote a little poem. It said something about a hippopotamus, which I didn't really get, but this is Ellie we're talking about, so it doesn't really matter. But then she wrote, "Make a birthday wish, and make lots of wishes, and wish that you will get locked in a freezer full of ice cream!" Now I know 100% that we are related.

3) We all know that I love pumpkin, and the first boy to make me a pumpkin treat will be my number 1. But I have realized another weakness when it comes to fall pie. Remember last fall when I ate like thirty slices and almost had cardiac arrest 10 minutes later? DO YOU?

4) I go through musical phases and sometimes I really can't stop listening to a certain artist and it gets almost obnoxious how heavily they will rotate. For example: Justin Vernon is all over this page. It never ends, my friends.

5) I used to be really terrible at talking on the phone. For serious, there was a time when I would rather do a backflip into the Grand Canyon wearing nothing but a scrunchie than talk on the phone. Okay...that was unnecessarily graphic. But the point is, I would cry (actual tears, but no mascara yet because I was still a youngun) when my mom handed me the phone. Now I do it all the live long day, and I am a professional. I'm also a professional typist, post-it-noter-maker, alphabetizer, and over-the-phone-accidental-therapist. Awesome.

6) I've been going through this awful phase when every time I look in the mirror I go, "blurgh!" It's like that scene in Breakfast at Tiffany's when Holly G. looks in the mirror and says, "I've got to do something about the way I look!" Although she is Audrey Hepburn in real life, soooo I'm not sure I can totally feel for her in that moment. Back to me. This morning my hair was being my hair, i.e. acting like it didn't care about the fact that I wield the brush and hairdryer! So I showed it up, and parted my hair on the other side.

You guys. Why didn't anyone tell me about this secret sooner? Whenever you are not feeling the hair, just move it over. Whaaaat?! Yeah, it's that simple. Shazam.

Also, can we talk about how one of the great ironies of life is that you can fix your hair while watching TV/knitting a scarf/eating pasta simultaneously, without a mirror, and it looks perfect, and then you go to do the same thing the next day for reals and it looks terrible?! I mean, why? P.S. ignore that run-on sentence that just happened.

7) I went and bought myself two new beanies. In a color besides yellow. ALERT THE PRESSES.

8) At first when my iPod died a few weeks ago, I thought I was gonna die too. My journaling got really bad, because I used my iPod to fuel my pen. But I've gotten used to the silence again. And guess what? I like it.

9) Sometimes I get homesick for the most raaandom places. Like the WinCo in Idaho Falls. Or the 2nd floor of the McKay Library. I never thought I'd get homesick for that place. Ha! Especially after making these super special memories there: number one, number two, and number three.

10) My secret wish is to have a cabin/house thing like the one in Dan in Real Life and go there every autumn so I can relish the whole season without having to think about anything else but the leaves falling and the smell of wood burning and the golden October moon.

are ya kiddin' me?


Jen said...

nothing but a scrunchie! WOW! Your blog is by far in a way thee best blog on the planet! I adore you and your musings! Keep writing my darling niece - you give me such delight! xoxoxoxoo

funsizetessa said...

That whole scrunchie comment was too much for me! I LOL'd. And Ellie, she better remain a hoot for all eternities!

Jess Ellis said...

i miss you dear! :)
i can't help but laugh when i read your blog! it's so fun/original/totally and completely YOU! (which i also love)
i agree. strange as it is, i miss our dear mckay library. and the 3rd floor for some bizarre reason as of late. haven't quite figured that one out yet...

Ging said...

I love it all. You blog for the rest of us too. As a MATTER OF FACT perhaps you could take over my blog. It does'n even know I am still alive.

Ali W. said...

I love this post so much. We have a couple things in common...I love the color yellow too AND I get homesick for Idaho too. We just took my brother to Rexburg for school and I was walking around campus, not wanting to leave. I missed Broulims...and the MC. Did you like Cocoa Bean? I miss the place too!

Ali W. said... I had a lot of errors in that just ignore them. haha