Monday, April 16, 2012

movies that are perfect: part one

Ok, so I talk about books and music a lot on dis here blog. Mostly music. I'll be doing a more in-depth, awesome book post latah. But for now, I just need you guys to know some movies that you must see as soon as physically possible. Aight? Trust me on this. I grew up in a family of movie-snobs. Basically, there are "movies that mom and dad would approve of and therefore movies that are worthwhile" and "movies that mom and dad would laugh at because of their foolish facepalm-ness and you should stay far far away from them," or in other words "movies with adam sandler or any of his likenesses as the lead" (cough *Jack and Jill* cough).

I'm sorry if that offended anybody. For the record, I do like The Wedding Singer. /end rant

Now, let's get down to bidnez, shall we?

On the Waterfront
I don't care if you don't like black and white movies (and if you are one of those people, I am really sorry for you). You absolutely need to watch this if you want to feel good about movies again. Marlon Brando is the epitome of amazeballs. This is one of my favorite movies ever of all time.

Midnight in Paris
I just watched this again recently and it made me smile so big my teeth were showing. It also made me proud to be an English major and understand all of the references to classic American literature. Also, Ernest Hemingway is fine. The end.

Groundhog Day
For the record, "What About Bob" is also a classic, but I watched both of those pretty recently and Groundhog Day made me laugh harder, so I'll try to convince you to watch it in case you haven't done so already and therefore have deprived yourself of one of the greatest cinematic joys that ever existed.

A River Runs Through It
Ahh yeah. This movie makes the transcendentalist in me come out and want to go climb mountains and ford streams. Did I just say "ford streams"? Anyway...this is a beautiful movie and the story is pretty great, too. I should tell you it was a book first and the book is just...I can't even...

Napoleon Dynamite
I'm aware that there are haters out there.
Haters is gonna hate.
I love it, the end, amen.

The Dead Poets Society
When I first saw the title of this movie, I said to myself, "What the junk?!" Yeah, deep. Then 10th grade English class came around and we watched it and bam, I knew this movie was my cinematic soulmate. I'll explain what that means later...when I figure it out myself.
Fun fact: my mom went into labor with me while watching this movie.

Roman Holiday
Again with the black and white films...seriously. This one is so stinking good. I think it was Audrey Hepburn's first movie (correct me if I'm wrong). A lot of people like Breakfast at Tiffany's, but honestly, have they seen this?! Have they? As far as I know, Gregory Peck was not in that movie. Just sayin'.

To Kill a Mockingbird
Yes, Gregory Peck is in this one, too. If you don't see this movie before you die, then I hope you ask the keeper of the heavenly gates to give you 2 more hours on earth just so you can watch it.

Pride and Prejudice (Keira Knightley Version...obviously)
I have seen pretty much every version of this book-turned-movie, and lemme just say, this one hits the spot. Everything about it is lovely.

Bright Star
Wait...wait...what? Did I just imagine you saying "I've never heard of that movie" or "I've never seen that movie"??!! Okay. Honestly, do not deprive yourself any longer. This is probably one of the top ten most beauteous films ever made.

Remember the Titans
It's a classic for a reason, people. I need you to see it and get happy goosebumps all over. Runners-up for awesome sports movies: Rocky (the one and only), Rudy, Miracle, and Hoosiers

If you haven't seen a movie with Tom Hardy in it yet...this one will break you in. It's good to the tenth power. Yeah, that good.

You've Got Mail
On a scale from 1-20, 20 being the most perfect movie ever made, this movie is an 18.
Never mind, it's a 20.

While You Were Sleeping
Lizzy and I watched this hundreds of times growing up. I'm pretty sure both of us can quote the entire thing. Just go see it, ok?

Dan in Real Life
Remember what I said about You've Got Mail?
I would like to repeat that for this movie as well.
Oh yeah, and the soundtrack is pretty excellent, too.

The Kid
I loved this when I was younger,but I watched it a little while ago and it made me laugh out loud so many times. Also, if you haven't ever seen The Sixth Sense, this is almost the same thing, without the scary-movie factor. Bruce Willis+little boy/ghost/not-ghost sub-plot.
Ok, it's not the same thing at all.
Just watch it, aight?

The Goonies
I went through a phase as a kid when I watched this movie like ten times a week. For real, it's a classic. And so is the Truffle Shuffle. Ha


Scott Livingston said...

Apparently someone has a bit more time on their hands...and bravo for that!

And yet...not a single Capra movie? Or John Ford? No Bergman?

Have I taught you nothing?

Ging said...

Nice list Kenz- but where are the rest of the Jane Austen flicks? And not a single Jimmy Stewart film in the bunch. Perhaps you should do a revised edition and if by chance Goonies gets kicked off well I won't loose any sleep over it. Probably

Ging said...

I think I will just have to do my own list-

JP Anderson said...

McFrenz, you've got good taste. I loved To Kill a Mockingbird because it reminds me of Emily. We considered naming the babe Scout. I've watched Warrior 4 times and I don't own it. It made my face "wetter" than any other movie. Ya, I'm a baby. I really like Dead Poets Society but I may like School TIes more. I agree with you on Groundhog Day over Bob, but they're both great. River movie is great but I much prefer Meet Joe Black (as far as Pitt movies go). I've seen and own both Goonies and You've Got Mail about a zillion times. I actually own 'Mail' on both DVD and VHS so I've probably liked it longer than you. Rudy is MUCH, MUCH better than 'TItans' and 'Titans' is pretty good. I recently just bought Pride and Prejudice for Felicia, but I too enjoy the flick quite a bit. For the record, my favorite movie of all time is Ghost and the Darkness. I love Africa and I love the feel this movie gives me. It feel like a real movie night when I watch it. Anywho, great list!

JP Anderson said...

Oh geez (you can repeat after me). I missed a couple. Felicia and I considered Dan in Real Life an instant classico. We bought it for her parents. And even though my Spanish lit. classes didn't serve me too good they did make Midnight in Paris enjoyable for me. I will shut up now.

Britney said...

Dad also wanted to name one of us "scout" that movie is most fabulous and being not a movie watcher I've surprisingly seen an loved many of the ones you have up here, that makes me happy! I'll have to try out some of the ones I have yet to see.

Jessica said...

Aaron and I watched Warrior just a few weeks ago. Very good movie!

Britney said...

I watched Warrior last night because of this post - one of my new favorite movies, I have this thing with that kind of movie, though.