Tuesday, April 3, 2012

homestretch (or way too many parenthetical statements)

I feel like this right now.

here i am, just sittin' on my bed, with a bunch of my crap all over the place.

(word to my mother: it's going to be organized and packed by the time you arrive)

I have exactly 3 finals left to take, all tomorrow. I was shooting for straight A's but senioritis is brutal and leaves no survivors...
(hence the graduation ceremony this friday at 5:45, be there or be a square)
I'll settle for a few B's this time around.

I am so very sleepy. But this perpetual sleepiness is about to end, I think.
And a bunch of other things, too.

studying in the library (did that for the last time today)
or tutoring in the reading center (finished that on friday)
or working out in the Hart Building (I don't even remember...)
or using that dadgum oven that burns everything (successfully made some dutch babies on saturday and that was it)
or grocery shopping at overpriced places
(eating the last week of school is straight up ridiculous, btw)
or not doing my hair because i just plain do not have time
or devotionals (last one was last tuesday)

yeah, this is what the end feels like.
it feels like fall 2008 was 10 years ago.
and I know now, without any doubt in my mind,
that it's time to go.

so go I shall!

the next time I write on this, I will be a BYU-Idaho Alumni.
(I feel too young to have that license plate cover thing, just sayin')


oh yeah, and I don't think I can use the "college" tag anymore after this.
I'll have to make one just for grad school. *shudder*


Jen said...

Way to go my lady - way TO GO!

Britney said...

Congratz! One day I might join you with that graduated title, one day. Sorry I can't make it I've still got school and work full throttle Friday.

Ging said...

Well there's the proof that you are ready to graduate- you are willing to settle for a B and you are going to be completely packed when I get there. You're ready. Can't wait for the party.

Terri said...

One last taco and bow as the curtain falls on this incredible production. But hurry because the next act starts very soon. Hey McFrenzy are you the youngest Bachelors achieved in the family??/

Amy said...

Please say you haven't had your last taco bus! So proud of you Kenz, and I just can't wait to see what you'll tackle next. Love you mucho.

JP Anderson said...

You're amazing McFrenz! Seriously.