Saturday, April 14, 2012

the most random thing you probably ever read

I shall leave you with this random but awesome picture of mexican children calling for help (write a caption in the comments if you wanna, just for my entertainment.)

one week ago I was in a daze, basically. i woke up in a hotel room after a crazy graduation night and my dad said to me, "this is the first day of the rest of your life."

the rest of my life so far has looked like dis:

I got a job (tender mercy, amen). I work from home stuffing envelopes and addressing them. I get paper cuts up the heezy. for real, right now I have one on my index finger that burns like Hades. i once heard a boy say that Hades isn't a place, it's a Disney character.
ha. what did he know? I'm pretty sure God invented Hades before Walt did.

Because of aforementioned job, I have to keep myself entertained or else I might just start shoving my face into solid objects, like walls and doors and stuff.
I listened to music at first but then my ears got tired, so I decided I would wear out my eyes instead.
So far I have watched both seasons of Downton Abbey (seeeriously, PBS?! what the junk happened? How are you so addicting?).
in case you need a reason to watch it.

And I re-watched the last few seasons of LOST. And fell in love with its awesomeness yet again. I bow to you, crazy creators of LOST. Even though you drove me nuts at the time, now I get it, and I think you are amazeballs.
charlie...oh charlie. I miss you so.

My mom did a photo shoot for a cookie cookbook, and brought home a jillion cookies, or in other words, she brought home a bag of my number one weakness. It's like...if I was an alcoholic, and my mom brought home a case of vodka.
But not just one kind of vodka...every single kind of vodka ever invented. Ya dig?
So what I'm saying is, she brought home every kind of cookie ever invented. Chocolate chip oatmeal, M&M, carrot cake, chocolate-dipped, chocolate-chip shortbread, coconut hershey kiss. FOR REALZ. But the best one...was chocolate-chip-pretzel.
Um, what? I would like to publicly praise whoever invented this glorious delectable.
How did we not know that crushing up pretzels and putting them in a chocolate chip cookie would be amaze.balls. I mean how. Also, there were pretzel M&Ms in it.

I went to a bridal shower for one of my lovely ex-roommates (ok, that was the weirdest thing I've ever typed). And it turns out lots of my other ex-roommates were there! I love reunions so much. And awkward presents. Heh.

It rained and rained and I decided I really do love the rain. Almost as much as I love the sun. So I'll take both in heavy doses, half-and-half, thank you much.

We drove to Midway/Park City/Heber and I remembered I love the mountains and I want to live there. I also went to Whole Foods for the first time and observed that 99% of the people in there were wearing workout clothing. Ha. Take from that what you will.
Also, it made me feel poor to observe the chocolate section (one 5 oz piece was six buckaroos).
And also proud that I make my own bread and yogurt so I don't hafta pay them $7 for a loaf and $6 for a container. Stickin' it to the (super-healthy-and-smells-like-hemp-and-vitamins) man.

I thought about chopping my hair off again because this fishtail braiding nonsense is getting ridikkilus, dontcha think?I figured once school was out I would actually do my hair again.
Who am I kidding? I stuff envelopes all day.
I'll stick wit da braids.

No, I'm not at Coachella. I almost forgot about it, and then people started blogging about how they are there/how awesome it is/bon iver this/bon iver that. I want to kick something.

Word to people I have written letters to: it's okay with me if you write me back. In fact, I wholeheartedly encourage you to do it. I won't mind opening those envelopes, if you know what I'm saying.
Word to people who want a letter from me but haven't actually asked: ask.

don't forget, if you're getting sick of this blog I have another one, where I don't talk.


Britney said...

As soon as we left your house we were going to watch Downton Abbey - finals have put a damper on us finishing the second season but we are near to done. Basically everyone in my life is addicted too. Ha.

Amy said...

Welcome back Kenz. I just want to say...I love reading your blog. I can hear your voice saying, "amazeballs this, amazeballs that." I want a Ragnar redo with you.