Wednesday, January 4, 2012

and so it begins

...not much has changed.

The last few days have been kind of surreal. I got to Rexburg, unpacked my shtuff, went to a friend's apartment, made dinner there, then went to a movie. When I woke up the next morning it finally hit me that this was going to be my very last semester in Rexburg. And I was sad. This is my home--it really is! And it's only taken me almost four years to figure it out. But I really do love it here, and all of the people in it. I'm going to miss it when April rolls around. This time, I'm hoping the semester goes by very slowly.

This morning on the way to class I passed two girls with maps, looking around and asking each other where certain buildings were. I recognized the looks on their faces, because I experienced the same thing almost four years ago (back when I started this little blog). I, too, wandered around campus on those first few days with my crumpled-up map. I too, walked into the right classroom at the wrong time, where I was immediately faced with a bunch of very amused upper classmen. I, too, thought that campus was "so big" and I'd never be able to figure out where everything was. I reassured the girls that they'd be able to find their way around in no time. To be honest, I envy them. They have four (probably) amazing years ahead of them. I have four months. Months?! How'd it get to this point? All I know is, I'm going to make them count. It's interesting how your perspective changes when you know something is about to end.


Brit said...

You know, you could always expand it out for like -- FOREVER -- you know, like I am :) Haha, naw good things are in your future congratz for getting to the last semester I'm sure it will be fantabulous.

JP Anderson said...

Time flies when you're Mckenzie and you've got school figured out from the get go. Good on ya! Even though i'm still a wildcat, I haven't had class on campus for nearly two years, and I miss it.

Kristen Moss said...

AWWW... this made me a little sad. Mostly because I miss those days and I am sad for you to move on. But you have so much ahead of you, I am excited to hear about it all.

Em said...

This must mean I'm old. Enjoy it Kenz. Life is good still, even without all that sleep deprivation and bad food.