Friday, December 30, 2011

favorite music of 2011. none of which came from the radio.

Those of you who know me, I mean really know me, know that I am pretty puffed up about my taste in music. Yes, I will admit to that. I have met very few people who have the same (awesome) taste in music that I do. Here, I'll prove it to you. I will give you a sampling of my favorite songs which I discovered this year. If you like just one of them, I will arrest my case.

Shadowland-Youth Group
this song came from a mix which a friend of mine made, someone who happens to have near-identical music as I do. p.s. that was a very strangely worded sentence. my bad.

Calgary-Bon Iver
I don't even care that I have already posted this song on every possible social network site. LISTEN TO IT.

Mykonos-Fleet Foxes
Cool name? Check. Bearded men who also wear plaid? Check check.
Hipster music at its finest.

Little Secrets (Passion Pit Cover)-Chamberlin
The original of this song is good, but duuude. DUDE. Just listen to this version.

Wide Eyes-Local Natives
Once you start listening to Local Natives, you literally cannot stop.

The Girl-City and the Colour
Yeah, this song speaks for itself.

Shiny on the Inside-Leona Naess
As soon as I heard this song, I thought to myself, "Where have you been on my life?"

In the Mirror-Nada Surf
Before this song, I always associated Nada Surf with American Eagle because they used to always blare it from their speakers. But it's been awhile since I regularly shopped there. So I can now listen to Nada Surf with a clear conscience. Ha.

Kim and Jessie-M83
This song sounds like it came straight from the 1980's. Oh well, it's still good.

Oh No, I Tried-Right Away, Great Captain!
I can't help it if a lot of these bands have men with really beardy-beards. And kind of weird, kind of awesome band names.

The High Road-Broken Bells
Oh man, I just love this song so much. It's like a mix of The Shins and Sea Wolf. Or something. It's ok if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Helena Beat-Foster the People
Yeah, I know. Everybody knows who FTP are because of "Pumped Up Kicks," but their other songs are pretty good too. P.S this is the weirdest music video I have ever laid eyes on. And I have seen some of MGMT's. That's saying something.

No Sunlight-Death Cab for Cutie
It takes me awhile to get around to some of my favorite bands' newer stuff. It's just because their older albums are so good, I can't break away. Well it's a good thing I did, because I really love this song. And album. Word.

Good Morning-Rogue Wave
I've been listening to this here band since I was in braces. So...awhile. Anyway. I like to air-drum to this song regularly.

Hold On to What You Believe-Mumford and Sons
For some reason I cannot find this song on Amazon or iTunes. Sniffle. I'm not going to go on about how much I love Mumford & Sons. Just do your ears a favor and turn it up.

Angel in the Snow-Elliot Smith
I wouldn't mind if Elliot Smith lullabyed me to sleep every night.

Storm-Jose Gonzalez
If songs could be onomatopoeias, then this song would be one. Ya dig?

Cover of Night-Steve Reynolds
Every time this comes onto my Pandora, I go to "like" it but I've already done so about fifty times.

Cosmic Love-Florence and the Machine
For once, a song that deserves to be on the radio a jillion times a day!

Heart it Races-Dr. Dog
I might love this song just because the name of it sounds like something Yoda would say. Yeah....moving on.

First of all...a band named Seabear? Get on my iPod. Riiiigh now.

Santogold-L.E.S. Artistes
I'm still not sure if her name is Santigold or Santogold.

Rude to Rile-Horse Feathers
After Nickel Creek broke up, I didn't think I'd ever find another guy-guy-girl band that would live up to them. But luckily I was wrong!

Opie's Funeral Song-Sufjan Song
Apparently this song is "rare," meaning hard to find. But to me, it is also rare in that there are few songs as good as this one. Sha-bam.

Train Song-Feist and Benjamin Gibbard
This song makes me want to be snuggled up by a fireplace on a rainy day. But that's just me.

Two Weeks-Grizzly Bear
This music video scares me so bad. Mostly because their eyes are hugemongus. And I thought they were real the first time I saw it. So freaky...and yet I couldn't look away.

Papercuts-Future Primitive
I find myself head-bobbing to this song without even realizing it.

Weight of Lies-The Avett Brothers
I would very much like to learn this song on my new geetar.

Because of Phoenix, I got through the last 4 miles of my leg of the Ragnar.

Light Year-Gregory Alan Isakov
There's not one of his songs that I don't love. Plus, this song is how I got the name for my tumblr. Nifty, eh?

Our Swords-Band of Horses
Once again with the bearded individuals. Sorry.

I think I've given you enough music to make yourself a CD.
Happy New Year!
may you find plenty of stupendous music in 2012.


Em said...

Oh my. This tab will be open for DAYYS. Thanks Kenz. And HB girl!

Jess Ellis said...

i love you. AND your music!
and i can't wait to see you sooooooon!