Thursday, January 5, 2012

oh no you didn't.


Is it bad that it's only January 5th and I have things to confess? Deal with it.

confession one: last night I stayed up late having one of the funniest/most awkward conversations of my life with an individual who will remain unnamed. just in case he/she does not want to be associated with said conversation. trust me, it was all about mexico and some downright embarrassing things that happened there.

confession two: in the same conversation, we discussed having a funeral for a mustache. what?

confession three: I may or may not have taken a 2 hour nap yesterday after I got done with 10am. Better not make this a habit.

confession four: I tripped going up the stairs in the Smith Building on the way to my first class. And that's not the first time, either. I recall a certain incident at the tender age of 18, whilst I was running up the stairs to the 4th floor for Spanish class. All of a sudden I was no longer standing on solid ground, and I had that moment we sometimes get when we're in the air. The one where you're thinking, "Oh crud. I'm about to hit the ground and make a really awful scene, aren't I?" Yeah. Then came impact. And lots of return-missionaries making sure I was okay. But I just laid there, looking pathetic and ridiculous. "Hi....I'm new here." Ugh.

confession five: I have already been to the taco bus, and I've been here for four days. What am I going to do when I move? Wait..I just had a stroke of genius! I'll just sneak into the bus when some big futbol game is on the TV (so the people who work there are distracted), and start the engine, and then drive away with all of the Mexicans inside of it. Then I will have delicious Mexican food at all times. Hooray.

confession six: a couple of nights ago I decided to prank a few of my old roommates and tell them I was engaged (via text message). "It happened so fast!" I said. Or something like that. Ha! Luckily my friend who really is engaged had just sent me a picture of her ring, so I forwarded that to them to make the prank more believable. I guess that 17-year-old prankster still lives in me.

confession seven: I signed up for a free 7-day Hulu Plus trial just so I could watch old episodes of The Office. Man I miss when that show was really good. I mean really.

confession eight: the other day at the bank I stuck my tongue out at a little girl in front of me who was really into making faces. But I'm pretty sure my little game was confusing other people around, who couldn't see the 2-foot girl in front of me. They could only see a college student sticking her tongue out every five seconds. Yikes.

Hmm only eight confessions. That's not too bad. One for every day of the week, plus an extra for the weekend. Ha. Just kidding. Kind of.

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Michele Alger said...

Okay, see, this is why I love ya! I hope you never change!! So fun catching up on your blog. I've been so busy through the Holidays, I've barely read lately. SO FUN!! ;)