Monday, January 9, 2012

wish list

I know, I know. School is in session and it's my last semester...and it has been a bit difficult. Hence the take-a-nap-every-day rule I have recently implemented. Sometimes rules are awesome, don't you think? Anywho. Here are some things I have been wishing for lately:

Coachella tickets (aka tickets to a modern-day Woodstock...minus the hippies. I think). Oh, what I wouldn't do to get my little hands on these. What. I Wouldn't. Do!
p.s. I don't understand the clothes-less blue guy in this picture. That's all.

this guy, from this show. what, you haven't watched it yet? for shame!
to think that people with faces like that actually exist!

this cabin in the woods, somewhere for me to get away.

hats, hats, more hats! my roommate Caitlyn said I remind her of this character, anybody recognize him? He was always changing into different hats. That's my life.

to sit on this pyramid again, without any Dramamine in my system. And a water bottle. My new motto: no taking naps at ancient historical sites!

1) for it to be summer and 2) to go tubing

this book would be incredibly useful.

homemade pizza, get in my mouth.

I'm sorry, but who wouldn't want to sleep in this? We're going to exclude any children under the age of eight from that question.

everyday when I get home from school/work, my toes are numb (c'mon, just a liiiitle snow?!). So I obviously wish I had a set-up like this in my apartment.

a road trip to someplace that blows my brains out, it's that cool.

a summery bike ride. my bike has been patiently waiting for a ride since October. sigh...

Enjoy your long weekend!


Ging said...

That's the best way to stay in the game-keep your dreams alive!
Sorry I've missed so many awesome posts Iam going to back read....

the Webbs said...

2 things to say so I am not just a lurking creeper on your blog:

1. Turn on your oven and open the door, use it as closely as you can and imagine it's a fireplace like you wanted above.

2. Since you post about music that I seem to like also, do you like Metronomy's - A Thing for Me? It's an interesting video.

3. I know, I said two things, but you sure have an awesome family. I had to say it.

JP Anderson said...

You've always got the best pictures. The always make we want to really live life. okay...that's cheezy

Lynsey said...

I used to take a nap religiously every day (2 hours min.) before I actually got a real-lady job. I HATE not having a nap every day. It kills me. I dream of bed all day every day. I'm very jealous of you. Very. Oh and when I lived at BYU-I... 3 hour minimum naps. Daily. Only way to get me through.