Thursday, May 19, 2011

sueños locos

sometimes I don't even understand myself.

The other night I dreamt Liz became my new conscience (think Jiminy Cricket), except she was a cockroach. I remember her turning into one of the yucky little buggers right in front of me. Except then she talked. Best friends turning into talking cockroaches? My dream mind is on some kind of drug that I'm not aware of....serious.

My English teacher once said that Samuel Coleridge (famous British poet) took some opium and fell asleep, which produced the famous poem "Kubla Kahn." Have you ever read it? Does it make any sense whatsoever? No manches (Mexico slang for "no flippin' way"). And that, my friends, is the power of drugs. Don't mess wit 'em.

My prof also said that we are probably capable of doing the same thing, only Mormon-Style. Por ejemplo--Benadryl: A Sonnet.

Now that stuff makes me crazy.

Then last night I dreamt that it was the 2nd coming (probably had something to do with what I wrote before I went to bed). But instead of hiding in bomb shelters and looting Broulim's, I was getting ready to perform in a pageant at the upper playing fields. Explain this to me please. #1, I have never been in a pageant and probably never will be in one. #2, people all over my dream were talking about how I had done so well in such-and-such-musical in high school. People, I never was in a musical. Oh and by the way, Isaac was pigging out on fast food (we're talkin' the Big Judd's Special times ten) because hey, the second coming was about to happen. Por que no?

Man oh man how I wish I could understand my dream mind! It's seriously insane. I bet my bottom dollah that psychologists would really get some textbook material out of it if they studied it for long enough. But...sorry...I'm not donating my body to science.

If my dream mind was a river, it would be a class 5.
If my dream mind was a race, it would be an Ironman on steroids.
If my dream mind was a candy, it would be Warheads & Sour Skittles washed down with Sprite.
If my dream mind was a food, it would be the hottest salsa ever invented on top of more salsa.
If my dream mind was a movie scene, it would be that one in Willy Wonka when they are going through the psychedelic tunnel and Gene Wilder has a mental breakdown.
If my dream mind was a song, it would be Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds+I am The Walrus (the craziest Beatles songs ever. And probably drug-induced).
If my dream mind was a natural disaster, it would be a freak lightning storm in the middle of December.


Kaitlyn said...

I don't understand the picture and the arrow pointing at the ponytail?! Are you chopping your hair off, cuz if you are, I am excited. Come see me.

shawn rowley said...

in the words of sigmund freud.."huh? i an not asleep! please go on." my point is that dreams are best interpereted when asleep, no seriously. you subconcious lends itself to a serise of building cercumstances set in context to each other. because our memories of dreams are incompleat we loose context when one of the serise is missing. that happens when we wake.

the most intersting thing about it is to try to rebuild what has happened with out key inspirational elements. this point i am just rambling.....see ya kens.

Ging said...

I think you are having my dreams. I am always in a performance and I didn't study my lines but I HAVE to go on right now. That or I am out in public in my"essentials" I think I have some issues with fear. Oh, and I fear that scene in Willy Wonka it always sort of confused my little kid brain. What are you doing with your hair on Saturday and how will the first presidency be involved?