Tuesday, May 10, 2011

i was happy, so i wrote it down

1. only the best pandora station ever ever ever. ever.
2. raw almonds, in my cereal, in my yogurt, in my mouth. mmmm almonds.
3. this yellow beanie. i wear it all the time. chelsea called it the hobo hat. do you concur?

4. checking out one book every day of the week from the library. i think the librarian man is starting to recognize me. he even calls me by name. that sly fox.
5. spring starting to show its face. i know it's rainy, but that's the equivalent of an oregon spring to me, so. it's a start.
6. writing brain barfs for class. brother cameron told us to write one based on a prompt he got from 2 Nephi when Nephi says "I glory in my Jesus." Hence this:

My Jesus is running into that burning building, teetering one way or the other, not knowing if he is coming out again, he is falling asleep wondering about his children, what they will become, if they will remember everything he taught them, he is watching a friend stumble, down and down, only to be there at the bottom, already waiting with arms oustretched, he is watching carefully out the window when the thunderstorms roll in with such precision he made, he is waiting for the moment when the light touches the sky just perfectly and then he knows, he knows, he is pulling me up the hill when my legs give out, they just won’t go because I am so imperfect and so weak, there he is again to tell me of course you can, so I do it, he is walking on trails in the forest, listening for the sound of the sea, thinking of the questions lost there and how he will answer them all, he is playing music alone.

7. shredding the ivory in the practice rooms in the Snow Building. Sometimes the pianists next door to me get really loud, so we have duets. Yeah, it's kinda cool.
8. deciding what to do with that english major, por fin (that means finally). it involves traveling and teaching english. sounds like me, huh?
9. I'm gonna finish the Book of Mormon by the end of June! And that means I will be 1/4 of the way done with that goal of mine! (see #2)
10. naps+crazy dreams in which my parents give me a giant laptop for graduation and it gets washed away in a giant tsunami. huh?
11. first time at big judd's. ahh yeah.
12. people who dare to walk around rexburg like this:

if she wants to wear a cape, more power to her.
{ha...accidental joke. sorry. i know i'm the only one laughing.}

13. ashley and i's to-do list for the semester. it involves lots of camping, hiking, fishing, rafting, and general mischief. hopefully the weather will soon cooperate. if not, well i guess we'd better get some good rainboots.
14. taco bus twice in one week. it's so delicious, i can't stay away. plus, they have novelas on in there. it's not like i can't watch novelas in my own apartment. it's just that in the taco bus, i don't feel as ashamed for doing so. that is all.
15. this devotional. i can't get it out of my head.
16. everyone who reads this blog and does not comment, because you boost my self-esteem just for reading it (that includes you from iran, france, africa, mexico, and brazil. yes, i know you read my blog, and you are cool for doing so).


Amy said...

I've watched and waited for the day I would get to see a pic of you on THE TACO BUS!
I've gotta find one of those.

Ging said...

I wish the Taco Bus would park in our driveway. We haven't had very many stellar meals as of late. I like your brain thingy about Jesus- it is nice

Allison Marie said...

That part that you wrote for you class is AMAZING! You have so much talent, chicka! I love you dearly and your happy lists make me happy. I can't wait to see you soon!!!

{Princess seeking frog} said...

after reading that last one i just HAD to comment!
how is being back in the burg??? :) are you getting ready for some adventures in the fall? because i'm thinking some are definitely needed!

Em said...