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{photo essay by ellie}

I've been hanging out in the library way too much. I made it my goal to not be in there very much this semester. Well, I failed this week, folks. Anywho, whilst I was in the library (dang, using the word "whilst" really ups your I.Q.) I heard some preeety interesting stuff.

guy sitting in front of me at computers: hey, does anyone know how to spell marijuana? (looking at me, so I take out my headphones)
me: say what?
guy: I said, do you know how to spell marijuana?
girl next to me: huh? nope...sorry.
me (laughing): yes. yes I do.
guy (turning back to his computer and looking back expectantly at me): okay...go!
me: M-A-R-I-J-U-A-N-A.
guy: sweet! thanks!
me: nooo problem.

I would just like to say to everyone who was on the 1st floor that day--I have always been a good speller. But I don't do drugs. Alright? Alright.

other conversations I really got a kick out of this week:
girl, to me, as I rode my bike past the Romney building: wow.
me, looking around strangely, wondering if she was talking to me for real: .......
girl: I mean, wow. I bet your legs are, like, SUPER strong. Seriously. I could not go up this hill on a bike. Wow. [FYI there is no hill where I was picture my confused expression]
me: oh...heheh...yeah. [pedaling away]

Was I supposed to say thanks? Oh awkward moments...they follow me like luck follows the Irish.
Not so lucky for me.

In Family Foundations {pretty appropriate considering the conversation}
guy: are those rhinestone feathers on your earrings?
girl: what? are you making fun of me? [classic girl tactic. she doesn't want to act flattered that the guy noticed her earrings, so she goes for the ol' "flirting by being put off" technique]
guy: No! I'm just curious. [poor guy]
girl: You're always making fun of me. [man, she's good.]
guy: No, I'm not. Do you need a hug to make you feel better? [and this guy is the epitome of smooth. like butter, i tell you]
girl: No.
guy: Are you sure?
girl: Yes.
guy: Well, for the record, I like the earrings. You know rhinestone feathers were popular with Britney Spears a few years back.
girl: I don't think you should know that.
guy: I have five sisters. I know a lot of things I shouldn't.
girl: wow.

tessa and I's text conversations:

me: fasting for 24 hours is awesome except for the fact that I ate 3 helpings of dinner. ahh so good.
tessa: haha you just got major blessings!
me: yeah I drank like 32 oz. of water in 10 minutes too.
tessa: oh my gosh you camel.
me: for reals. also I took an hour long nap today and I'm still tired. fasting takes it out of you!
tessa: yeah it does! At least that's what Jesus told me.

another convo:
me: dude we got osama and he's dead! turn on the news!
tessa: what?!?!? oh my gosh!!!!
me: I read in scribber study today about Nephi cutting off Laban's head. Co-inky-dink!
tessa: Bahaha. Definitely a foreshadowing there.

don't judge us because we talk about religious stuff via text messaging....

more craziness to come, folks. much more.

p.s. does it bother you that I call you "folks"? Because it bothers me. Partly because I don't know who you are, exactly, and "folks" is an old word. Do you know what I mean? Okay nevermind.


sleye1 said...

You live a nutty whack life, woman - mostly just in your head.

shawn rowley said...

love the post kenz.

funsizetessa said...

heh heh heh heh heh heh heh I love this post!

Ging said...

I think you need to:
A. Continue to lend Ellie your camera
B. Go to the library as often as
C. Wear feather rhinestone earrings
D. Use a thesaurus
E. All of the above
Love Mom