Friday, May 27, 2011

brain barf + road trip

there's no reason this is here besides the fact that I think it is chilarious.

As they say in Mexico "ya me voy!"

Meaning...I am leaving.

Here's another brain barf from class on Thursday, for your entertainment. Have a faaaaaaaaabulous weekend. Even if it snows where you are. :(

Dear inner child,

Hello there. It’s been far too long since we last spoke, and I’ve been thinking about you lately. Do you still try to ride your bike past the mailbox when nobody’s looking? Do you still take risks? Do you still spend hours drawing one little picture just to give your mom? Do you tell her you love her? Do you purposely leap into deep puddles and get mud on your skirts? You see, I’ve been too closed up in myself lately, sealed there like an unopened envelope. I need to be opened. I need to look at someone, and have their eyes (whatever the color) slice right through me, and let all of this real me out. You were the one who always ate too much cotton candy at the fair. You were the one that climbed trees barefoot when it was dark outside, the one who always thought the next-door neighbor lady was a witch, the one who fetched all of your brother’s wiffle balls that always found themselves on the other side of the fence. You looked fear in the eye without blinking, always winning the staring contest. Now I want to win.

If you think that's weird, you should see the brain barfs in my journal. Ha.
ok, I'm really leaving now, off to hike or picnic or run or play soccer with my broski.


Ging said...

A brain bark sounds so icky- but they really are quite good so it turns out. Keep em comin

Ging said...

Dang I meant barf- but bark is kind of cute too...

funsizetessa said...

I love this and that's all there is to it.