Friday, March 12, 2010

frozen butter, frozen grapes, gimpy kenz tries to escape

Okay, so my rhyming skills have gone south....but this is a pretty good story.

Lately I've been working out hard with a certain Jillian Michaels. The only word I need to describe these kinds of workouts is pain. And that's not even an adjective!! Okay, so back to my story. Yesterday, after a very lovely temple visit, I came home to work out. I was trying to be cool and do a complicated move involving weights and lunging. I've done it before. But you know me, always trying to push it. Boy did I ever.

The end of the story involves a rather unappetizing twist/crunch/ripping sound, followed by me writhing on the ground and realizing I've done it again--I've twisted my dadgum knee! This has happened to me lots of times with my right knee, but not my left. I really did a number on it this time. I tried to walk up the stairs and ended up slithering. Mom got me the knee brace, but it cut off the circulation in my leg and turned my calf purple. I think somebody's trying to humble me.... I came home last night and my leg had gotten quite a bit larger, so I threw some ice on it insted of the frozen grapes I'd been using earlier. For now, I am self-confined to the couch, armed with a list of things I can do from this laptop. And I've got a nice slab of frozen butter on my knee. This prison might actually be the most freeing thing that's happened to me in awhile.

I also have newfound respect for Uncle Scotty; at least I have the use of one of my legs. I remembered everything that he does despite being in a wheelchair; that helped me when I had to go to work because I couldn't find anyone to cover for me...and I don't think that was very good for my leg. But I was determined to be positive, despite being in some pretty intense pain anytime I walked on it (which ended up being most of the night). I realize that other people suffer much worse than I do--much, much worse. All of my family is alive and well, we have a house, food, clothing, heat, a piano, I go to school, we have the true church, I live by a temple and the mountains, I have a car, I have a job. Gimpy Kenz is still blessed. I will be updating this with a picture later...if you guys would like to see a swollen knee with frozen food on it. Yum! I'll call it "Patella Pie."


Ging said...

I will witness to the swollen state of said left knee. Yonkers!! Our frozen foods are being desecrated.
I too find many things easier with inspiration from others

Jen said...

OUch! So sorry about your frozen patella! Take it easy girl! Love you!

Amy said...

OH Kenz. crap.
I'm sorry.
But... I love your attitude!

s + b said...

oh, mckenzie. get better. that sounds so painful. but frozen grapes are delicous.

Kristen Moss said...

YUCKY!!! that sounds terrible. BUT HOW AWSOME ARE YOU... temple and working out in one day. UHHH you are my hero. those are two things on my to do list every day. I am impressed by ya.

Em said...

I should be saying how sorry I am for you, but I'm mostly just impressed (have I said that before?) First off for how eloquently you put it all and secondly, that you would even want to work out with that lady. haha. I wish your knee parts a swift recovery. :(