Saturday, March 13, 2010

everyone vote, or i'll shoot

I've come to the conclusion that it's time. Time to buy a camera. And I need my fellow readers to help! So vote on which one you like the best...and if you happen to have a favorite camera in this price range that's not on the list, shout it out to me! I would much appreciate it.

the basic digital

the snazzy cam

the one with the funny name

the quirky camera with class
(and I just might buy this one anyway cuz its cheap!)

then perhaps I will finally be able to take some photos like these:


JP Anderson said...

I know nothing about any of these cameras other than what I just briefly read. The wide angle one would be awesome and I don't even remember which one that was.

Anonymous said...

Did you take those pictures?

Anonymous said...

"The one with a funny name" I have that camera in addition to my SLR camera. It was a wonderful camera for a great price

Ging said...

I still vote no film. Really. A wide angle lens is good though. Remember editing is the key to those great pictures.

Kenz said...

actually all those pictures were taken with a holga film camera! no editing required!

chelsea said...

nice title you crazy! my vote is the snazzy one, but i mostly don't know what i'm talking about. i'm just grateful you commented on my last blog post so i'm returning the favor. i am sure your beautiful face will be the thing that makes the pictures great..and mine! haha good luck!