Sunday, September 27, 2009

No 500 Calorie Diet, No Cry

I MADE IT!!! 43 days later, people. Forty-stinkin-three-days! Here's what I've learned:
  • Gum is good, but it doesn't replace a meal. So Willy Wonka coulda had something there if he had 1, really existed, and 2, really invented a gum that tasted like roast, potatoes and gravy.
  • People are nice to you, even if you are on a diet. But some people give you weird looks when you say that d-word. It's like saying "I have lice" when you say, "I can't have pizza." Hmm.
  • Breakfast should not be skipped. Not just cause it's good for you, but cause it tastes so darn good! Those trainers on TV are for real! Oh eggs and orange juice, how I love thee.
  • Drinking 2 gallons of water a day is great for the skin, bad for your comfort. What I mean to say is I now have empathy for people with that weak-bladder-disease.
  • Looking at foodie blogs while being on a 500-calorie diet (especially ones like Bakerella and Pioneer Woman) has shown me how much strength I really have. Sheesh!
  • Imma be a gooooood cook when this is done. I've discovered lots of good flavor combinations (minus the butter and oil, booyah!) that satisfy my empty tummy quite nicely.
  • One more thing: send some chocolate my way please!! YAY! I mean...send me some chocolate in a month when I'm really allowed to have it. Also, I'm proud of other members of our family who are doing this diet! Don't give up! It gets easier and you will be so happy with the results when you're done!
  • P.S. this post was written yesterday but the internet was dead so I didn't get it up 'til today. So I have officially been eating nuts since yesterday. Oh glory!
here's a link to the everything-hcg website, for those of you who have no idea what the heck I've been talkin' about this whole time:


Anonymous said...

thata girl! Way to go Kenz! Now we want to know how much you lost! come on now! Don't leave us hangin! Love you!

Ging said...

You are so full of awesomeness, strength and fortitude. Way to go. What a great lesson about so many things. I am so glad that you can rest your jaw from all of it's gum-chewing labors and eat breakfast again.
P.S. I don't think Paige really cares what you lost- but I am sure Aunt Jen does

Kenz said...

haha yeah I was wondering how paige got into the system...I lost 25 lbs.

Em said...

25 lbs!?!?!?!?!?!?! etc etc.

Do you just blow away in the wind!?

Way to go. If i had the fortitude to eat 500 cals a day I'd consider that one. woah.

Terri said...

You did it . i love what you gained from your diet the most. If your happy Im happy