Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Harshness of College Life, Part One

Ok, so maybe I should've called this post "A Day in the Life of ______ (insert catchy title for your alter ego here)." But that's too cliche for me and anyway, who wants to hear about cliches at this time of night (if you happen to read this right after I write it...close to midnight)? I thought I'd better update erebody on the stupendous craziness of Rexburg and my first full week here, even though I've only been to classes twice (school started Thursday...ultra-random!!).

the rundown
  • number of packs of gum I have consumed in the space of seven days: 3 (In case you're wondering, I only have 14 days left on this gum-chewing, 500 calorie diet. Go ahead and mark September 26th on your calendar as "McKenzie Can Now Eat Cheese")
  • number of pages that need to be read/have been read already before Tuesday: I'm going to say ballpark of 70
  • number of trips to grocery store for broccoli in one week: 4....wait, did I just admit to that? FOUR TIMES?! I can't even believe it's true. Now that it's in tangible form I still want to deny it. And guess what else? I bought more than one head of broccoli in each of those trips. Sigh.
  • number of realizations that I really really really really (now just googolplex that and divide it by a jillion) REALLY miss not paying for laundry: TWENTY ZILLION! Dear basement laundry room that was adjacent to my own, I miss your endless stash of Cheerios and toothbrushes (I know, weird how you can miss toothbrushes for no good reason) and especially your coinless washing capabilities. The End. And Amen.
  • number of times I have wanted to call my parents just 'cuz but decided not to and then changed my mind again: 12-ish
  • number of times I have wondered where all of the hot water is going when I'm the first one in the shower every morning: 7 (one for every day of the week)
  • number of times I have refused a cookie, ice cream, mashed potatoes, a granola bar, cheese, or Bajios from well-meaning roommates (combined): 30
  • number of times I have said a gratitude prayer for the opportunity to be at this school: countless
  • number of times I have thought "this semester is going to go by so fast" and then realized that it's already the middle of September: 40
  • number of times I wondered when I would get a calling: 0, because the Bishop came over on Friday and two days later I was sustained as Relief Society Secretary....betcha didn't see that one coming! Well I didn't. :)


Amy said...

My calendar is marked : Sept. 28th send Kenz block of cheese! Hang in there girl.

Jen said...

OHHH girl - I am totally and literally feeling your pain. Lets have a cheese fondue when your done. Yahoo! I love college.

Em said...

Ahhh... well-meaning roommates will be the death of the 500 calorie diet!
I don't know how you do it girl. I'm on the 500 calorie snack plan. ahhh. office chairs sap my strength..

I love the way you said it all. You'll make it, love it, and then you'll miss it. Guaranteed.

Word Verification: Diest (diets anyone?)

what was i thinking?! said...

So- were you down there eating Cheerios and then brushing your teeth to cover-up the evidence.jk. Love the list- seriously I have been working on my own MasterCard-Commercial-styled blog for almost two weeks....
Please call whenever the impulse strikes- this is what I would do and therefore sound logic. Love you my little broccoli-crown-ed queen

Ging said...

Dadgum- I left that last comment, once again while using your Father's computer. Rest assured it was me.

shawn rowley said...

school is weird, i have tried to remember all the weird quirky things and people i have run into.

i am really a fish out of water but i can relate to your interesting list anyhow.

Kristen Moss said...

I will be painfully honest (painfully becuase I hated rexburg the four years that I was there) I am a little {LITTLE} jealous of you and all the other people being there. I miss the temple on the hill, the thunder storms, paying for my laundery (yes weird) campus and all that it intells, religion classes, walking EVERYWHERE, bajio, CRAIGOS, hardhat, braulums, porter park, the nasty winters, and all the charicter that poor little, cold, un-diverse, mormon-ie- Rexburg had.

ENJOY IT WHILE YOU CAN, cause one day even though you will NEVER admit it, you will miss it.

Ps I am going to keep reading your journey and live vicariously through your experience.

PPS I was thinking as I wrote this that I dont even know if you know who I am. Hopefully you do, I am not a stalker! Let me know if me reading your blog creeps you out. Ask your mom, she knows me! ;)