Tuesday, September 1, 2009

And Blessed Are the Peacemakers, for They Shall Shout Pure Hilariousness

Scenario: Last FHE before I go back to college (Wednesday...Wednesday...).

Lesson I'm giving is on the Beatitudes, mainly, being a peacemaker.

Mom tells the story of when I got my baby blessing and how dad blessed me that I would be a peacemaker. Then she asks the chilluns to guess which member of the family it is.

Caleb: "Ooh ooh I know! It's ME isn't it?"
Mom: "Nooo.."
Ellie: "ME!"
(everyone laughs, understandably)
Cal: "Dad!"
Mom: "No."
Cal: "Isaac!"
Mom: "No."
Cal: "You?"
Mom: "Noo!"
Cal: "McKenzie!!"
Mom: "YES!"
Cal, getting a little excited/exasperated/worked up/climbing up onto the arm of the couch (check thesaurus for more adjectives):
"That's because she's so uh...she's so...uh-uh-uh....Book of Mormon-like-ish! She's so Jesus-like-ish!!!"

I will take this with me for the next three months, Caleb. And if I'm ever having a bad day, I'll remember that...


shawn rowley said...

cute vrey cute....how does t feel to jesus-it-ish

Kristen Moss said...

You are just so WITTY! I am eating it up (after your metabolism post, I couldnt resist the pun.)

You are an excelent blogger. And so cute!

Keep the satire coming.

Em said...

Book of Mormon-like-ish. wow.