Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Seven Weeks and Counting

June is here---what the junk?!
I thought that I just got done with that 5-month, wintery break...guess not.
I also thought that I just graduated from high school, but here I am a year later, and feeling rather unscathed from those four years. Darn. Thought I'd at least come out with scars.

Now all of a sudden I'm supposed to register for classes in the fall?! As in this coming September? As in it's already been a year since my first semester?!

What is going on here? I mean...where exactly is time going? I'd really like to know so I can catch up with it and then tie it down to a chair. Then maybe duct tape its mouth shut and beat it up. Mebbe? Agree or disagree? That's probably too violent for my personality.

Also--don't you just think missionaries are the BEST?! I recently attended my good friend Elder Hanford Blitch Shuman IV's (haha yes that's his name, I know you did a double take) farewell. I think one of my favorite things in the world is seeing new missionaries leave their families behind, ready to go out into the world on their own, ready to bring the gospel to those who don't have it. All is right with the world when a humble, green lil' missionary enters the MTC. Love it! Adios, Elder! See you in dos a├▒os! (P.S. He's goin to Salta Argentina! I know, cool, right?)

One more thing--I love the rain. Spring/summer weather is here, but I do like a good rain. It makes the world green again. It feels like it's taking a breath from all the dry, hot weather. A nice, long, refreshing breath. Ok now this is starting to sound a little on the poetic side. That's a different post for a different time.

All for now! Must sleep (four hours isn't doin it for me I guess)!

Ok, so I never put photos on here....here ya go. You'll notice my face in this one. It's because the headline read "BYU-Idaho Student Has Swine Flu." Say oink! ...then run away.

Devil's Churn...a place I would almost always rather be. Except for when the tide's in, of course (that was for you, mom).

Manti Utah Temple. I don't know why but lately I have been feeling this crazy desire to visit all the old Utah temples. Especially this one because numero uno, my parents got married here, and numero dos, I've never actually seen this one in the flesh. All the others (St. George, Salt Lake, Logan) I've seen. Okay, and I haven't seen Vernal. But this one's at the top of my list.

This is my friend Rachel Doxey. She is getting married in approximately 3 months! Rachel was our adopted roommate last semester. And yes, those are dots on her teeth. Just thought all you guys that read this blog should know...this lady right here is gonna be off the market pretty soon.

P.S. This is Elder Shuman!! Only this picture was taken about 6 months ago...he looks a lot more like a missionary now. Cause missionaries don't ride around in kid strollers with strange girls. Right? Right!


Em said...

And then you'll be saying. Where'd college go? I remember it vaguely. I think I ate on occasion, and slept somewhere in there. At least the funny stuff sticks out. I cannot forget the adventures shared from day 1. lol. I loved college. Enough to go back? mmm. maybe not.

Ging said...

I'm with ya- time has gone into turbo light speed warp- thingy. Well, fast. I am thrilled you are using it so wisely. Enjoy every minute.