Saturday, June 27, 2009

Awesomeness Squared

This week was pretty great for the following two reasons:


Having déjà vu? That's because I went to the temple twice in seven days! I can't remember the last time I've done fact, I probably never have. Liz and I almost went for the third time on Friday but they turned us away, which I was okay with because I'd already gone twice!

The first time was early early on Tuesday morning with my ward. If you ever want to get closer to someone or a group of people, go to the temple with them. It's awesome how this gospel, in its purest form (service!!), can unify us. Anywho, most of the baptisms I did were from the 1800's Mexico, which didn't surprise me much. Maybe I'll be able to speak to them in Spanish when I finally meet them...haha. Of course that's only if we don't speak a Celestial Language in heaven. The second time was with Lizzy after Math class on Wednesday. I think it's pretty cool that I can just walk up to the temple after Math class is over. How many other college students can say that? We barely got in because walk-ins were just ending, and it turned out that Liz and I were the last two to perform baptisms for the day. Going to the temple with people you love just makes you love them even more, right? Right! This is how I feel after leaving the temple, every stinkin' time:


no worries

have eternal perspective


excited for the future

closer to my family

thirst for more gospel truths

full of love

You should definitely try it sometime; it's the ultimate cure-all.


shawn rowley said...

you are the best kenz. your parents are very lucky. you have learned so much so well while so young.

Terri said...

Kenny I think you are remarkable!~ Im often touched by your wisdom and courage to stand firm in all things.

Amy said...

What a great week you had. You made it great.

Jen said...

Thanks for your great example! I don't want to admit how long its been since I've been to the temple!

JP Anderson said...

Thanks for sharing Kenz. I've experience many-a temple sessions were I did the work for a spanish speaking brother. Something like 5 times in row right after my return from Chile. It makes sense to me that they would understand more clearly if you yourself understands their native tongue. I try to translate in my head as if I were interpreting for them, maybe giving the interpreter on the other side a break.

Ging said...