Sunday, June 14, 2009

La semana pasada

For those of you who aren't Spanish aficionados, this post is all about the past week and the adventures within...

It has been raining for two weeks straight now, and the forecast still looks as wet as ever. Being from the Pacific Northwest, it doesn't bother me much at all. I like how everything stays green and keeps that musty, dirt-ish (not dirty) smell. In the past couple of days we have had some major thunder and lightning storms; I'm talking shake-the-house thunder. Awesome.

Last week for Enrichment we tie-dyed shirts. I waited an extra day to wash mine out because I wanted the colors to really be dark 'n' deep. It turned out really cool! I'd put a picture on here but I don't have a camera. Just imagine a T-shirt dyed the colors of the sky right before the stars come out:

Tuesday was the big day--President Eyring came to speak at our devotional! I had all of my classes before 2pm that day (when devotional starts), and so I had all of that time to think about what he would say to us and wonder if I really was prepared like President Clark asked us to be. My roommates and I got into the Hart at about 1:15 and by that time it was almost full! We were lucky to get some front-row seats by the choir, but I saw some people's backpacks being moved because security was being really strict on saving seats. Bummer! President Eyring's son is a stake president up here, so when he came to seat on the stand I could feel everyone catch their breath for a second. They look almost exactly alike. Everyone got really quiet about 2 minutes before he even came into the room; I think we all knew by the Spirit that was there. When he walked in--now this is the embarassing part--I started up the water works. I don't even know why I was crying! I was happy to see the guy! Ah, well. I am my mother's daughter. :) The talk was soooo good. Here is the link because I know you all want to read it:

Later that night I went door-to-door asking people to join i-Team/i-Rep (the new student orientation thing) for the Fall. Now I have a little taste of what missionaries do! It's hard to have people say no over and over and just shut the door without any interest. And we weren't even asking them about the gospel! I think those things are always harder to do when you actually care about the thing you're asking them to try. I just want everyone to "taste of the exceeding joy of which I [do] taste..." (Alma 36:24)

On Thursday Christina and I went with Chelsea to an extra-credit seminary (for her Women's Health Class) on post-traumatic stress. The woman speaking had been abused for her whole childhood by both of her parents and her brothers. I was amazed by her because number one, she was able to talk about everything without crying, two, she had used the Atonement in her life and her testimony of the Savior was very strong, and three, she lives a pretty normal life now with a husband and four children. Wow! Talk about an eye-opening experience for me. I need to be careful not to take things like my family for granted.

On Friday night my friend Rachel (yeah, the engaged one) came to stay with us because her and her fiancee were going to look for apartments this weekend. It's weird when your friends who are your same age start getting married. She seems different now; more grown-up, I guess, but she's still the same ol' Rachey.

Saturday was mighty eventful! Well, most Saturdays are... 3 of my roomies got up at the crack of dawn to volunteer for the Teton Dam marathon. At around 10am I got a phone call saying that they were starving and could I please bring them food? I raided the pantry and walked the 20 minutes to the last corner, where they were cheering runners on. Seeing those people come in, either with grimaces on their face or a tired smile, made me REALLLLLY want to run. Run a race, run a relay, run a half-marathon, whatever. I just really want to start running in races again. Mom, this is a memo to you to be my running buddy when I come back for the 7-week break. That's all I have to say about that.

Well, this post has been pretty long and kinda if you don't comment because you didn't even read the whole thing, that's okay. I know you like photos but I don't have any...

Until next time!


shawn rowley said...

you're a busy girl...good job.

what was i thinking?! said...

Kenzie - sorry you are so miserable up there - if you want to come home early, we'll understand...;-)

love - the father

Amy said...

Sounds like the devotional was great. Pres.Eyring has a condo in my stake that he visits on occasion. I'm enjoying the rain too!

Hey my word verification is evilest. What?!

what was i thinking?! said...

I will be your running buddy. I will go to i-team. I want to be your rooommate. I think you are awesome!

what was i thinking?! said...

P.S. It is supposed to stop raining here on Wednesday- I am already disappointed! P.S. This and your last comment are from your madre- I am suing Dad's computer... oops

Savanna Landrum said...

Oh cousin, how I adore thee. Water works for no reason are trademark Anderson, nothing you can do about that!