Monday, November 7, 2011

a not-so-happy list

So I was going to put a happy list on here, like I usually do on Mondays, but I got home and I just feel like sleeping. That's all I feel like doing these days. And yet, a Spanish test looms on the horizon. As well as some more homework. More and more. It never ends. Then there's registration, which I can't even do yet because my Fast Grad hasn't been approved. It's ok if you don't understand any of this...I don't either.

here's what's been circulating in my brain lately:
  • boy who is dumb and uses girl for selfish reasons. and then never talks to her again.
  • boy who doesn't ever talk to the girl unless more people are around.
  • boy who makes the girl feel awkward even when she says hello. this isn't really the boy's fault....but still. STILL. you bring out the awkwardness in me. is this normal?
  • boy who makes the girl think he likes her until she sees him with another girl. say wha?? did you just punk me or something?
  • boy who obviously likes a girl and then takes a million jillion years to ask her out, in the meantime she's over-analyzing everything he does/doesn't do and tries to avoid him in order to avoid more things to analyze, but it does not work.
  • as you can see, boys are on the brain. what can I say? I've been at BYU-Idaho for too long. oh, and everybody, I mean every.body. is getting engaged. At the same time. Does anyone have a cure for this "all of my friends are getting married" phenomenon? Should I just go for a long run....all the way out of Rexburg? haha
Clearly, I need advice. Or a new stuffed animal.


Jen said...

It wasn't till I quite worrying about BOYS that I found your Uncle Jared! Stop worrying - you are amazing and loved! I'll send you a stuffed animal if you need it!

Brit said...

For me it was the, "Britney goes on a mission and everyone gets married" I can't explain yours. Now I'm going through the, "Britney is STILL in school and all her already married friends are having babies or thirds..." phenomenon -- we all go through life in very different stages, I guess that's the only explanation.

Victoria said...

You may worry, but that just makes a person gain weight. I vote that we vow to be single until marriage (oddly sensible, I know) and have fun until the great changer/equalizer, marriage, comes along. I'm working on writing my vow of singleness-until-marriage: it needs to be perfect, and all inclusive.

{Princess seeking frog} said...

i feel ya!
but we can be extremely confused singletons together!!! :) but no worries... i've been thinking about it, and i'm just gonna leave it up to beings that know wayyyyy more than i do about life. whew. what a relief!