Monday, November 21, 2011

mature or immature?

I have one more sleep until I am free of this chilly place which has been autumn-less since the end of October. I've been looking at people's pictures who live in Utah and noticing how there are still leaves on the ground. I'm only a little bit peeved about that.

In other news, today I was in the library (how very original) and I started to make this list of my characteristics...because I'm conceited and stuff. Har-har. No, but really I was just trying to discern if I was mature or not. Because a lot of people tell me I'm "mature" for my age, but I don't think they really know me...
  • I (usually) can't get through church meetings without laughing at some point. Just don't sit by me if you're funny.
  • I jump on the furniture in our apartment regularly.
  • I love coloring and doodling. It's not unusual for my class notes to have graffiti all over the margins.
  • I have dance parties in the kitchen, in my room, in the library. All by myself.
  • I still get the urge to prank people (it's the 17-year old inside of me, ok?!)
  • I read Junie B. Jones
  • I was a bunch of grapes for Halloween, I mean c'mon.
  • I throw books when I get too into them.
  • I air-drum when I go running with music.
  • I bob my head when I'm jamming while public.
  • I drink milk straight from the jug.
  • I laugh during Twilight. Is it supposed to be for real? So I'm supposed to believe that waking up after your wedding night covered in bruises is love? Girl please.
  • I felt more like one of the children than a person of authority in Mexico. Those kids saw right through me.
  • I play my harmonica for unsuspecting strangers in public.
  • If there's a shopping cart nearby, you can bet I'll use it for a quick getaway.
  • I wore a shower cap to Broulim's....'nuff said.
  • I make designs with my chocolate chips in my pancakes.
  • I cross my eyes at people.
So...maybe not so mature after all.

See for yourself.

this was awhile ago, but I've worn worse things on my head recently (*cough* shower cap)

although we were at an ancient historical site, I still somehow found a tree to climb.

I'm a college student. Obviously.

and this is what college students do for fun.

look, I'm climbing another tree!

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Amy said...

So you're doing your best to prove your immaturity. I ain't buying it! Okay, so spiritually you are far beyond your years, but you still climb trees. It's a great combo really.