Monday, August 8, 2011

I've been calamined

The first three weeks of summer have been just what I imagine my perfect summers to be. It makes it hard to want to go back to school in September. However, it will be the fall semester, which many of you know is my favorito.

Would you like to know what I've been doing? Okay...well if you want the pictures, go look at my facebook (unless you are stalking me from a foreign country, which many of you are....then I guess you don't get to see any pics right now. And I'm not really sorry about that. I don't even know you....ok, moving on).

Here's what a summer of mcfrenzy consists of:
  • lots of biking (pretty much every single day)
  • hiking. I recently decided to do one every week for the rest of the summer. Last week it was Silver Lake/Lake Solitude. This week, I intend on finding one in Twin Falls when we go to the reunion. Who wants to come?!
  • cooking, lotsa cooking (thai tomato soup, yes?! YES.)
  • running (maybe I'll write a blog about saturday's run in was like running on the clouds, baby. And someday I'm really gonna know what that's like.)
  • walks, walks, mosquito bites (hence the pink paint/calamine lotion all over me right now), and more walks
  • collecting more songs for future playlists (listen! listen! listen! listen!)
  • reeeading. So far I've finished 1.5 books. Sue me. I have a habit of starting 5 at once.
  • letting my hair do itself (aka wavy-crazy, just the way I like it)
  • more freckles plus a much worse sandal tan than I had in Mexico
  • watchin' some good cinema (if you're thinking of the smurf movie, I'm kind of offended)
  • using way too many parenthetical phrases (what do you think this is?)
oh..sidenote, something funny just happened. So Ellie came upstairs with some asian cookie thing and told me to try it, which I did. It was yummy (it had chocolate in the middle, hellloo). Then she came back later and said, "Did you like it?" I said, "Yep." "So, you kissed it?" "Wha?" "Well, if you loved it, you kissed it, right?" RIGHT. I like the way you think, girlfran.

adios for now, amigos and stalkers!

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